January 30, 2024

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  • The kids started school this morning, and we were pretty much on time. We are about to finish our science book, but we have a long ways to go on our history book. That is fine though because there is still a good long time until summer.
  • Anderson was even up early this morning-he doesn't really spring out of bed. He had his hood on this morning, and I thought that he was Graham in the kitchen. Anderson and Graham were the last ones to finish their school work, but that was fine since they were even finished by noon.
  • Whitman and I did his spelling, and then we worked on his school desk some. It looks nice in that school room with a few less things in there. Honestly, everything looks better with a few less things.
  • Reagan went to school, and then came home for a little bit before going to work. Robby ran to the grocery store around lunch time while I took Bentley on a walk. It was so nice outside today that Whitman even took Bentley on a walk-that might be the reason that she slept for the rest of the afternoon which always makes me worried that she is going to be up a little bit tonight.
  • We had spaghetti for supper this evening-we didn't even wait on Reagan to get home because the food was hot. Also, I wanted to give the boys a chance to digest before their game tonight. At supper, Anderson was kidding when he said that basketball was just about having fun. And that was good that he felt that way since tonight's game wasn't too favorable at all. 
  • We came home and had a little bit of downtime before bed. I watched a short Hallmark movie with Whitman while we all had an evening snack. 

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