January 20, 2024

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  • I was up emptying the dishwasher this morning when Graham wrote that he was ready for me to come and pick him up. He had fun, and after taking some medicine for his itchy eyes due to the cat, he was all good.
  • We came home, and I went to work on those pesky dishes and laundry. I did stand in the school room closet for a good long time today trying to psych myself up to organize it. My goal would be to take everything out in there and start from scratch. I was telling Graham my plans, but he did say that I probably should have started earlier in the day. 
  • I decided that he was probably correct, so I did get rid of a few things in the closet. However, another day though buy maybe when school is over, and I can use the school room for all of the mess. Maybe in May or maybe not.
  • Robby watched the football game, but I saw about the first 2 minutes of it before I went to sleep. Later this afternoon we went to Trader's Joes so I could pick up a little gift. Then we ran to Sams and Walmart. I guess no one has been out all week so things were pretty crazy out.
  • When we came home tonight with pizza, Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman did some sledding. I can hardly believe that they are sledding almost a week after we had snow. I guess that this is the last day, but they have certainly had a lot of fun with this winter weather.
  • We are our pizza supper, and now Robby, Whitman, and I are on the couch watching Shark Tank. I think that in the last few days we have watched almost everyone one of them!

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