January 6, 2024-Happy 46th Birthday Tara!

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  • I was quite surprised this morning when I walked into the kitchen to see the birthday banner hanging from the ceiling along with cards and presents on the bar and even a note saying that there was a cake in the fridge. The girls had worked pretty hard on everything along with a little bit of help from some of their brothers.
  • Robby and Campbell had an appointment at the Apple store to get their batteries replaced on their phones. I had never been to an Apple store plus I had a coupon at Bath and Body right nearby so I went as well. 
  • They had to keep their phones, so that made for an interesting afternoon for Robby and Campbell. When we came home, I opened my presents-cookie scoops, measuring cups, a picture, and some cash! Then the Hogs were playing so I read some and took a brief catnap. 
  • Keaton then went to a friend's house for a birthday party. I think that Keaton is having a blast, but she did fall and twist her ankle! She is pretty tough, but I hope that it heals fairly quickly. 
  • Reagan was the only one who joined us for my birthday dinner-we went to eat Indian food. It was delicious, but we should have brought some more butter naan bread to eat with our meal. We came home for a little bit, and then most of us left again.
  • Reagan and Whitman were "not able to make it" to the boys basketball game tonight. This was their polite way of saying, they were going to pass on the 8:00 game tonight. Campbell did go because it was a bit social event for her!
  • The boys team won, and it was a good game. Anderson and Graham both scored, but it did seem that they both also had a good time-of course, when you win, you always do have a much better time.
  • There is a football game on, and then I have a few pages to read to meet my goal for the day.

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