January 24, 2024

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  • I told Robby last night that I had not been doing a good job waking up the last few mornings. My goal is to climb out of bed at least 35 minutes before I have to get the kids out of bed. That gives me time to get ready, fold the clothes, take the dog out, give the kids a pre-wake up, and empty the dishwasher. 
  • Today I only had 20 minutes to do all of that so my laundry had to wait until later in the day. I would say that I will do better tomorrow, but really, I don't think that would be too honest. I, at least, will try to do better tomorrow, but I can make no promises.
  • I did my reading this morning-we are knocking the books out, but we sure no where near being finished with history. I figured up last night that it will take 88 more days of school to finish history-that's a lot!
  • Whitman picked the easiest math pages to do today so he still finished at a decent time. He used to be the child that would just shut down if I rushed him at all-even if I said, "see if you can finish this problem before I empty the dishwasher." Now, he is looking at the clock and is the one who is rushing himself.
  • This afternoon Keaton, Campbell, Reagan, and I met Robby to get gas in the cars. Then we all had free drinks at the tea restaurant in Benton. Actually, I had a free gallon for my birthday so I left with that instead of a drink. 
  • Then we went to Marshalls to see if we could spend some gift cards-we only found a birthday gift for one of their friends, but we sure did walk around quite a bit inspecting everything in the store. Once at home, the girls only had a little bit of time until they left again so Reagan could get to her Dgroup. 
  • The rest of us left a little bit later for church. Whitman's group had pizza tonight so that is always a big night. Afterwards, Anderson and Campbell went to ChickFilA on the way home while the rest of us just headed home. 
  • For supper, I had a big bowl of hot potato soup. And now Keaton and Whitman are working on their school work while Keaton is just finishing up making chocolate covered strawberries for her and her sisters.

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