January 1, 2024

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  • Since we were up pretty late last night, we also slept pretty late this morning. We did manage to get the basic chores done before leaving the house this morning to go to Grannymom's house. 
  • Reagan met us there after spending the night at her friend's house. Then it was time for lunch-we had hog jowl and black eye peas for good luck this next year. 
  • After lunch, we dug into Grandpa's new game-Wheel of Fortune. Pretty much everyone played in group. Keaton was the banker while I was the host, and it was a pretty complicated but fun game.
  • When we finished, we headed in both cars to to get gas, but Robby decided that Bryant gas is still cheaper so we will do that later this week. 
  • We came home, and Robby and I had ourselves a nap. I think that we have gotten into a bad habit this last week-or maybe it is a wonderful habit, but there won't be time for a nap tomorrow though. 
  • At 4, Robby and I went to the Wilson's house to watch a football game and munch on some things. Keaton was going to make orange chicken here but couldn't find any (there was some, but she just didn't see it). Instead she made chocolate chip cookies which were delicious.
  • The kids are all soaking in their last little bit of device time-tomorrow is going to come early and is going to be tough!

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