December 31, 2023-New Year's Eve

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  • We started this morning off with church. It was later than usual so that was nice to not have to hurry. Campbell worked in the nursery, and Keaton sat with a friend, but it has been nice the last two weeks having most of the kids sitting with us again.
  • After church, Whitman asked me if he could go to the car. I said sure and off he went. I was busy talking and didn't think anything about it until a bit later. Anderson then told me that Reagan and Graham tried to follow Whitman because he just walked off. I told him that he was going to the car, but Anderson said he didn't go towards the door we came in.
  • I figured Whitman would figure it out, but then Reagan came in saying that they thought he was trying to go to Sunday school, but they never saw him. I think that we were all a little relieved to see him in the car!
  • Robby and I heated up pasta for lunch-of course this took us over an hour, but no one really complained about the wait. So it was about 2 when we were eating our Sunday lunch which was probably good since we all did eat supper late.
  • Reagan went to Kennedy's this evening to ring in the New Year. Anderson and Graham went to Rock Creek, and then they met up with the rest of us at the Craft's house to celebrate the last day of the year. 
  • The kids played outside most of the time. The big boys came to the Crafts to eat and then after a bit they headed home. Whitman was happy to catch a ride back to the house with them. We stayed and rang in the New Year and then quickly headed home!
  • I feel like I should be productive tomorrow, but maybe I'll make it one last holiday.

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