Baby Dennie #5 to arrive in September!

September 21, 2011

  • When we walked into the waiting room, it was standing room only.  So as I checked in I asked the nurse if they were waiting on Phillips and she said that they weren't so that was a great thing to hear.  We were hoping that this would be the last time that we had to come in and after a few minutes we were indeed at finishing our last appointment.  Everything was basically the same as last week except that the baby's heartbeat was 130 this time. 

  • He gave us the option to come back Monday and then induce on Wednesday or just induce on Wednesday.  We picked plan B and were happy when they were full on Wednesday and moved us up to Tuesday.  He told us that he would tell his wife that he wouldn't be home until after 10 on Wednesday but I reminded him that since he didn't have a Christmas party to go to maybe we could speed things up a bit.  Actually, I mentioned that I did want to eat the hospital supper meal-mmm, they do have some good turkey and dressing-that may just be a seasonal thing though.  

Anyway, next Tuesday is the day and we will meet this Dennie Baby #5!

September 14, 2011

  • Another appointment today-hopefully the last one will be next week.  Nothing much had changed here-still a 2-3 and I had just convinced myself that he would say I was much further along.  Though I have felt pretty great lately and am shocked when I look at the calendar to see that my due date is just in a few short days (24th).  
  • Phillips did go over with me that if I thought I was in labor or if my water breaks, then I should come to the hospital.  I questioned him and asked if I had an hour before having to come in if my water breaks.  And he was pretty adamant that with my 5th child I should come right in.  I tried to remind him that my average labor time was 12+ hours.  He didn't agree and told Robby that he better start reading up on how to deliver a baby if he didn't get me to the hospital quickly.

September 8, 2011
  • My appointments with Phillips are now every week and this week it was crazy in that office.  He is usually right on time but was running late today but he did apologize and say that he had to help someone out in surgery.  Two things: good doctors apologize for being late and good doctors have to help other doctors out in surgery.  Anyway, back to the baby.  
  • Everything is still looking good as far as 5 goes.  It's heartbeat was 138 and I was a 2-3.  Seriously, I have never been a 2 or even a 3 before. 
  • Phillips did say that we better charge the video camera because he suspected that this baby wouldn't make it to the due date-wouldn't that be something.
September 1, 2011
  • Only two weeks since my last appointment but I was back at the doctor again.  My weight was perfect (actually, no one said that to me nor did the mention it.  I didn’t even look at what it was but I am just sure that it was perfect).
  • I tried to pin him down on my official due date and he said his chart said the 22nd up until the 26th.  But the date that he will go by is the 24th.  Last we heard, we might close on the 23rd so who knows what will happen!
  • The baby’s heartbeat was 134, still head down and the doctor said that I was a “a good one”-that was pretty exciting news since I have never been “a good one”-usually he just tells me that I am a 1 to make me feel better.  We go back next week-baby countdown is officially on.
August 18, 2011
  • It had been a month since I had been to the doctor and I had started to question whether Baby 5’s head was down or not.  This child is quite pokey-probably pokier than all of the rest.  Anyway, head is down, my blood pressure is fine, weight is fine (and really would I tell you if it wasn’t?) and the baby’s heartbeat was 130 something. 
  • I was a bit happy to have a doctor’s appointment today because at the beach, I had gotten water in one of my ears and it never came out.  It had been bothering me but the last few days I had gotten a cold to go along with it and my ear was no longer bothering me but actually hurting.  I just mentioned it to Phillips’ nurse and she said he could check it-I was very surprised that my OB/GYN had tool for ears.  I thought all of his tools were for…anyway, you get what I am talking about.
  • And the biggest pregnancy news to date is my back started killing me today.  Seriously, the worst pain ever.  I even thought “hmm, when I do I call and have Robby come home” and then “when do I call an ambulance for me?”  Well, maybe it wasn’t exactly that bad but it was bad.  I often a little catch in my back that after a few steps comes out but today’s catch was crazy bad.  After a hot shower and kids playing by themselves for a bit tonight it is already better.  Craziness.
July 19, 2011
  • My doctor’s appointment was today and all things are going well.  My blood pressure was fine, the baby’s heartbeat was good (133) and I am measuring on target.  So all Phillips and I had to talk about was our respective upcoming trips to Destin. 
  • Oh, last time remember I was shocked when he said I had gained a certain amount of weight.  So this time I was feeling really good when they said I had gained a pound in a month.  But soon I found out, the large number he said last time was the total of weight I had gained.  Either way, I celebrated by buying some ice cream sandwiches-which I then left at my Mom’s house!  That was going to be my snack for the night.
  • And this is a bit of a rant but while I was at the store, a rather large lady looked at me and said “Are you pregnant or just fat?” and then walked away and laughed.  I was too stunned to react and if I had reacted it probably wouldn't have been the best thing.  Seriously?
June 21, 2011
  • Another quick stop at the doctor today.  As always, our appointment was brief.  The only bit of excitement today was Dr. Phillips and his nurse Charlotte finding out the sex of the baby.  The ultrasound tech now has to put the sex of the baby in the chart and everyone was excited to see.  We didn’t see and thankfully Charlotte covered it up or my wandering eyes would have checked it out for sure. 
  • My blood pressure and weight was good.  At least that is what the doctor said about my weight-I was shocked at how much I have gained since last time but that is really none of your business!  The baby’s heartbeat was 140ish and I also had my glucose screening test.  It actually didn’t make me as jittery as last time and drinking the stuff was no problem since I had left my water at home and was crazy thirsty from getting in and out of the car. 
May 19, 2011
  • This was the big ultrasound appointment day.  The same lady has done 4 of our 5 ultrasounds.  We saw every single detail of the baby (without seeing if it was a boy or girl-we again don’t want to know).  Two legs, two arms, 4 chamber heart and a cute little face that was smiling back at us.  When I showed the kids the pictures, Anderson cheered when I said that baby had 2 arms.  It is pretty amazing and exciting when you think about it!
  • After the ultrasound, I had an appointment with Phillips.  He was busy in surgery so his nurse saw me.  Weighed, blood pressure, heard the heartbeat and told to come back next month.  Good quick visit!
April 28, 2011
  • Today was another doctor’s appointment.  They has asked if I could come early and I told them no but did manage to show up a few minutes early.  The baby’s heartbeat was 140 beats a minute.  They drew blood for another test and we will go back in 3 weeks for the big ultrasound and another appointment. 
  • Mom & Dad met at the doctor's office for the second check up right before lunch.  After only a short wait, Dr. Phillips was with us to check the baby's heart beat.  It was beating 155 beats a minute and said that was perfect.  He asked if we had any questions and then said he would see us back in 3 weeks.  The nurse said Mom was probably 14 to 15 weeks while Dr. Phillips said 13 to 14 weeks.
  • With the second visit behind us, it was time to tell our family and friends.  Dad left work a few minutes early and Mom got the kids in their baby announcing t-shirts.  First stop was to the Dennies where we found Grannymom and Grandpa eating supper.  It only took a few minutes for the kids to share the news and Mom to spot the t-shirts.  Back home for a few minutes, before Nonna and Pops called to say they were home from Memphis.  Pops was out in the driveway to help move some things from our van to his truck and Graham quickly blurted out we were having a baby.  Everyone ran into the house to find Nonna whose first words were "Oh my gosh!"

  • It was time to make it official!  Mom and Dad met at Dr. Phillips office for Mom's first check up.  After a bit of a wait, it was time to meet with Dr. Phillips. He said he was little surprised to see us - thought 4 was our magic number.  Mom said, "What's one more!"  Dad said, "I just miss visiting with you."  Dad and Dr. Phillips like to talk about the Hogs and traveling.  Dr. Phillips did a quick ultrasound and said there was definitely a baby there and everything looked good.  He said he would see us back in about 4 weeks and then Mom finished up with final blood work.

January 14, 2011
  • After a few days of snow earlier and routine out of whack, it was our 2nd day to be back in our routine.  Dad was at work and the rest of the family was busy at home.  Dad was soon home for lunch. Since he almost didn't get the clue last time Mom told him the news about baby #4 with a Christmas outfit, she made it a bit more obvious this time.  When she set out his lunch plate, smack dab on top was her pregnancy test.  Dad's eyes shot wide eyed and then gave Mom a big hug.
  • We were having supper with Ms. Laryn and the gang and he thought about letting her know the news first but decided it was too early.  (Laryn, did you suspect anything?  Ha!) 

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