September 12, 2011-Happy Birthday Reagan

Happy Birthday Reagan!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Big morning around here-Reagan’s 6th birthday.  Hard to believe that baby is 6 years old.  She woke up easily this morning and was ready to get to school to take her cupcakes.  We parked on her side of the building this morning to take her cupcakes to her class, then to drop of Anderson and then back to Reagan’s class to take her.
  • I doubled checked with Ms. Stacy that Anderson was good in class and she said that he is always perfect.  He always finds his name, washes his hands and then gives me a big hug when we drop him off.  This morning though, he was so pleased that he was able to see Reagan’s class room first.
  • After dropping them off, Campbell, Graham and I headed to the doctor’s office to meet Grannymom and to get Graham’s stitches out.  At church, Pops had told him he could get a dollar if he didn’t cry and sure enough he didn’t cry.  He did flinch a few times and start to whine so Grannymom and I worked on his juice box and by the time we had it open, the doctor was finished and all was well.  Now we just have to keep a band aid on it for the next week-band aids don’t work there as we have gone through a box today practically so we will be back to taping it up.  As we walked out of the doctors office, he said “Pops is gonna give me a dollar”-and he did.
  • We worked around the house, played legos and waited for Anderson to come home.  He had colored a rectangle at school and that was all we managed to get out of him today.  Oh and Collier brought carrots for snack-bet Anderson gobbled them down (ha!).  Later in the afternoon when we picked up Reagan, she told us all about show and tell (she had brought a picture of her bones from the nutrition study), told us about what everyone else had brought, told us about the cookies there for Cate’s birthday, told us about the flag she colored and told us many, many other things-the difference between boys and girls.
  • It was 2:55 this afternoon and I was trying to finish my work while the boys had gotten up from their movie and woken Campbell up from her nap and were playing in her room.  I had about 5 more minutes of work to do (real speech work) and started telling them to potty and get on shoes.  Then my phone rang, it was Robby and people were coming to look at the house at 3:30.  I knew that it what he was going to say when I heard his voice.  He couldn’t come home that quick and offered to call his mom but we didn’t have much time. So I started barking orders at the boys, throwing stuff in my laundry basket, buckling Campbell in the car (without pants or shoes), spraying air freshner, turning on lights and moving 4 packed crates into my closet (they always come when I have crates out in the floor).  Pops was able to pick up Reagan so I had a few extra minutes to clean/straighten and when we made it home, they were gone so we started to unload….
  • But sure enough, a car pulled into the driveway and they hadn’t been there yet.  We were told from 3:30-4 this time and it was a bit after 4 but we quickly loaded back up and went to Grannymom’s house for a few minutes-yes, we did drive around the house one time to scope the people out.  I mean, if someone is going to take a few years off of my life then I at least should know what they look like. 
  • When Robby made it home, we started the continuation of our birthday celebration for Reagan.  We ate at Cantina Laredo tonight for her birthday.  And apparently the hostess thought we needed a booth so we could “trap them in.”  Robby replied with “they can sit in chairs” and that they did.  I made it clear to the kids that the lady up front thought they couldn’t behave and we had more thank yous, sirs and pleases at that table than anywhere else at the restaurant.  Even got a compliment from another table (probably helped that I was sneaking Campbell candy the whole time).  At one time, the server asked me if we needed anything else I said “we’re good” and Campbell quickly repeated in a very clear voice “we’re good.”
  • Back at home, Grannymom, Grandpa, Jason, Nonna and Pops came over to have some watermelon and cupcakes.  Reagan had said that she wanted a watermelon with candles but I told her I didn’t even know if we could find one in September but we did so that is what she had for her birthday.  She opened a present from us and couldn’t have been any happier about her day.  It was a perfect end to a week full of birthday celebrations.  Well, almost perfect….
  • The boys have been giving us a bit of a hard time but not obeying immediately (yes, I know they are just 3 and 4 but if it isn’t fixed now it will get worse) so since they didn’t sit when I asked them to sit for prayers tonight, Robby spanked them both.  Anderson then Graham and when he was done (and yes, they were very light spankings) Campbell stood up and backed her bottom up to Robby.  So she got a swat as well to which she immediately put her hands to her eyes and started a fake cry. 

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