September 8, 2011

What's cooking?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • School morning and Robby took the girls to Grannymom’s house this morning.  They had quite a big day-took a walk, played on Lilly’s trampoline, a nap for Campbell, a bit of schoolwork for Reagan and then lunch with Robby and the boys.
  • I dropped the boys off at school and Graham goes from one extreme to the other.  He waltzed right into his class today (it did help that he had a bear to help them review body parts).  He didn’t even tell me bye and I briefly thought about getting his attention to wave bye and then I thought better of it and rushed out the door. 
  • Anderson’s class all brought a bit of fruit today to share with the class.  Earlier in the week he had said that grapes were his favorite so we had those ready to go.  Of course this morning he decided that he wanted to take bananas-but our bananas were way too green to take.  I am sure that he only ate the grapes though since apples, bananas and grapes are the only fruit the boy will eat. 
  • Robby picked up the boys and then went to Grannymom’s house to eat with the girls.  I showed up after my doctor’s appointment (click here for the scoop on baby 5)  I showed up and ate as well and then we all headed home.  Robby soon went back to work and the kids help me make one of the cakes that I made today.  Somehow when they are all helping me cook, everyone starts off in chairs at the table but end up sitting on top of the table-shoes and all.  I figure it is a success if a child or the cake doesn’t end up on the floor).
  • Next up was a nap for Campbell-which she never took-but did stay in her bed until we finished school (mainly because she couldn’t get out).  Reagan did great with her work today-especially since I had sent her work to do at Grannymom’s house and then she had to do more of the same this afternoon to catch up from yesterday.  The boys were both kicked out of school today-Graham had to go to his room and eventually fell asleep but Anderson came back downstairs and was able to finish school with a much better attitude. 
  • Soon everyone was up and playing while I baked some more.  When Robby came home, we ran a few errands (Sams, Michaels and Walgreens).  And then used a coupon to Mike’s Place.  The kids ate their meal but their favorite was the lemon cake-I believe that Anderson said that it was delicious.
  • Back at home, it was bedtime for Campbell and the others watched a movie until time to brush their teeth.  Robby and I were both downstairs and then we heard a huge crash-I was the first to the steps running up and he was right behind me.  Robby actually thought the cabinets in the bathroom had fallen.  Halfway up the steps we heard a cry (better than no cry) and discovered that Anderson had only slipped and fallen on the bath mat.  Not the cabinets just the boy!

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