September 22, 2011-Happy Birthday Robby

Here we come park...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Campbell joined our bed sometime in the middle of the night-Robby wasn't sure when or why he brought her to bed with us but she covered up and went right back to sleep.  
  • Robby took a load to the new house and was back with his birthday doughnuts about the same time the rest of us were stirring around here.  I was able to find some birthday napkins to help celebrate but other than that there isn't really much around here to celebrate a birthday.  I had intended on making rice krispy treats today for him and have closely guarded the marshmallows and rice krispies but when it came down to it-I don't have any dishes left here and didn't know if I could melt marshmallows in a Styrofoam bowl.  
  • I dropped off the girls at Grannymom's house and they were quite busy today with the work I had sent Reagan, a walk and a bath for Campbell.  Then I dropped off the boys who were convinced that today was the day the firetruck was coming-it was not but they didn't seem to care.  Though it is coming on Monday and Graham will not be happy at all about that.  We may have to make a special trip to church just to see a fire truck for him.
  • I saw one kid, dropped off our sheets at Nonna's house, went to work, ran to Walmart, picked up the girls, did some reading with Reagan in the car, picked up the boys and then headed home.  But somehow on the way home, those cute little kids in the back seat convinced me to take them to the park to eat lunch.  I guess it was Reagan saying that they would help me do anything to get us ready to go.  
  • Earlier I mentioned that I didn't have any birthday stuff or dishes and can you imagine how low my food level has become?  They had peanut butter on english muffins, split a tiny bag of doritos and had a handful of stuck together marshmallows.  They really didn't care though because after 2 bites they were all off playing.
  • We came home and everyone but Reagan had a nap.  She did her school work while I packed some more and then it was time to load up to go to Nonna's house.  Robby and I worked a bit unloading boxes while the kids played, ate supper and had baths at Nonnas.  They are going back in the morning so we didn't want to overstay our welcome so we were all back home and in bed by 9.  
  • Well, they were in bed but Robby and I worked a bit more and finally set down to do our computer stuff and to eat a few cupcakes around 10-but we aren't really sure of the time because he has unplugged all of the clocks and my new computer has the time but it is wrong so who knows what time it is....earlier than last nights 2 o clock though.

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