September 19, 2011

Now, we just need a table!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Robby left as the rest of us were getting up.  Anderson didn't want to get out of my bed and start getting his clothes on but before long he was hiding behind the bed sneaking on his clothes so he could surprise me.
  • Come to think of it, I am not sure that I fed the kids breakfast. Oh, yes I did-they ate on the couch while I loaded up the car. I packed it for things to take to the house and then we headed off to school.
  • Anderson was the first one we dropped off and Reagan was next. Before we had left, Reagan had gotten a compliment on her shirt and been given a birthday invitation.  I think she really enjoys school.
  • Back at home, my two little helpers helped me pack about 10 crates.  Finally Campbell took a nap and I turned on a movie for Graham. He won't watch much tv but he sure enjoys watching Mickey Mouse so I  was able to get quite a bit of work done for that 30 minutes.
  • Robby picked up Anderson and they were home for lunch-mini pizzas.  I am trying to clean out the pantry. After lunch everyone played some and then it was nap time for Campbell again and Graham.  Anderson laid on the couch and watched me vacuum the floor with a dustbuster (another house showing and our vacuum was at the new house).  
  • We picked up Reagan and headed to the new house to meet Grandpa. Of course, I had forgotten to buy  something for the blinds so Grandpa headed off to go and get what we needed and the kids were going nuts.  Everyone is so wild on school days-I don't know if they are tired, need to get out energy from sitting all day or happy to see each other but it was pretty crazy.  Eventually, they calmed down and we were able to get quite a bit of work done.
  • Campbell went to bed for the night and Reagan was happy as she could be playing with the toys.  Meanwhile, Graham must have been exhausted because he couldn't do the right thing for anything and then Anderson who also must have been tired started crying because his ear hurt.  Who knows about his ear but we decided that I should take them home.  
  • As soon as we came home, people were standing in the driveway still looking at the house-40 minutes after they should have been gone.  We drove around the neighborhood for awhile and finally they left.  I put those boys to bed and they were out pretty quick.  
  • Campbell stayed asleep until time to leave and Reagan was content as she could be playing.  Robby met some neighbors and then headed home to end the day.  Another good, yet busy day here at the Dennie house.

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