September 3, 2011

A trip to the ER...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Reagan had spent the night at Nonna and Pops’ house and when she woke up she told Nonna that she wanted to go one more place-back to the mall to get a pretzel.  We usually get one when we go but they didn’t last night because they were going out to eat next.  Nonna came through and Reagan ate the whole thing.  They also did a little more birthday shopping with some money from Beebee.  Reagan has kept everything a secret about what she has bought for her birthday.
  • Back at the home front, the boys were the first to wake up (I guess Robby was already up because he said that I had edged him out of bed during the night-well, there are 2 people sleeping on my side of the bed-me and the baby).  Once the boys get into bed with you, then there isn’t much going back to sleep so I got up and finished the girls’ closet-it took me another 2 hours this morning and I was finally finished.
  • Then we started packing around here.  Out of 50 tubs we only have about 12 more-we just have alot of stuff crammed in this house.  Today was worked on bathroom stuff, garage stuff, kitchen stuff, holiday stuff.  We were pretty tired and stinky by the time we finally stopped….
  • You ask what were the kids doing around here while we were working-eating pop tarts like they were going out of style, watching a months worth of tv, touching everything that we pulled out of a cabinet and playing with nerf guns that I was saving for xmas-but we needed a little something to buy us some more time.
  • Once we finished, the boys and us needed baths so we decided that we needed to cut everyone’s hair.  Anderson does fine but Graham is always on the verge of a meltdown when we do his hair.  When they finished, Campbell climbed on the hair cutting stool and waited on Robby.  He acted like he was cutting her hair with the clippers turned on and I had the biggest fear that he was going to really give her a trim.
  • Baths and then we hopped in the car to pick up some slushies (happy hour) and pick up Reagan.  By the time we made it to Sonic, Graham and Campbell were sleeping but we managed to wake Grahammer up to enjoy his.  Since we were so close to the new house, we thought that we would drive by and check on things…it was still there.
  • We walked around the yard and I walked all the way to the fence and Anderson shouted at me “Momma, don’t go in the forest.”  Those kids aren’t going to know what to do with all of that space-in the house and outside.  Though as we were leaving, Anderson also pointed to another home (a mobile home) and said “I wish we were moving there.”  It is so good to dream big!
  • We then ran by Alicia and Chad’s house since we were right there and saw them outside so stopped to chat.  Then they drove over to see the house with us and we talked for awhile.  We did decide that we will have to have some specific goals for working on the yard. 
  • By now it was supper time and Robby had a few shops to do and we had planned on eating at Grannymom and Grandpa’s house so we dropped off the kids and ran to pick up the burgers.  We also had a coupon for Great Wraps and it took forever for them to make our food but we finally made it back to Grannymom’s house. 
  • When we came back, everyone was happy and hungry but Graham had a cut on his hand between his thumb and index finger.  The boys had some how run into each other and when it happened, Reagan started screaming “Momma, Momma.”  Grannymom knew something was wrong but Graham did very little fussing at all but by the time she had picked him up and comforted him, their clothes were covered in blood.
  • His hand was wrapped so when we changed into pajamas we checked it and it looked pretty yucky.  Aunt Dana had came by and she also thought we made better get it looked at so Grannymom and Robby took G to the after hours clinic where the expected wait time was one and a half hours.  I forgot to send foxy but did grab him some candy, juice box and a tiny present.  It is now 10 and they are on their way home so the story will be updated when I know more. 
  • Campbell was pretty tired when we made it home and was ready for bed and the other’s watched a movie before bed.  They wanted to stay up to see Graham but I convinced them that it might be awhile…and it was….here is the update:
  • Graham was much better than expected for a little boy.  He did get 3 or 4 stitches but took a nap during the wait.  He was proud of his car and Robby had told him that he would get to go to big church tomorrow.  When he came home, he called Pops to give him a report and then went to bed. 

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