September 28, 2011- Keaton's 1st Full Day

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We finally made it to our room last night around 10ish and were settled and on our way to sleep by 11.  Keaton briefly saw our room and then went to stay in the nursery for the evening.  We slept fairly well-nurse coming in a 12 and 4 and me a few bathroom runs in between time.  I usually feel more like a semi truck has run over me the morning after but today I only feel like I have been run over by a pick up truck so when I stirred this morning I was ready for my shower.
Robby and I were both ready for the day before 7 and waiting on doctors, breakfast and baby to come to our room. While we waited, we munched on Louanne's cookies from yesterday and then decided to take a walk to see about picking up Keaton.  We saw Hughey in the hallway and briefly visited with him.  The pediatrician hadn't been by for Keaton yet so went back to the room empty handed but did find breakfast for me and Robby there.
We ate our breakfast and Robby headed out to child wrangle the others a bit while Virginia had a doctor's appointment.  He was also going to check and decide if Anderson needed an appointment for his ear which was briefly bothering him yesterday.  In the meantime, Keaton was delivered to me.  She was glad to see me because she knew I was going to feed her-they had fed her around 7 but she was not satisfied and needed another sip or two.  Robbie Rhodes came by since she had seen Keaton in the nursery to say hi.  Then one of our pediatrician's stopped by to say that Keaton looked great and just needed to poo before she went home.
Soon after nurses stopped by and passed me out some medicine-my first so far.  Don't really need it but why waste a good thing.  Jaymie dropped by to say hello and as he was leaving Phillips (my doctor) came by as well.  He said my blood was still a bit low-actually low enough to get blood but since I feel good that wouldn't be necessary.  I honestly, I don't think I want strangers blood-but if I must, I must.  He did say that he would check again before we went home tomorrow.  Also I am to drink lots of liquids-bring em on.  Where is that orange juice stash around here?
They had talked like we could go home today but since he said that I guess we couldn't now.  Though we are not insane and no a good (yet expensive) hotel when we come here.  The beds my not be that comfy and there are lots of strangers in and out of the room but the food is edible, housekeeping is on top of things and free child care-I might just stay here all week!
Keaton is actually laying on my bed right now and I am hanging half way off.  She is quite the eater.  I don't think we have ever had a baby that mastered the sucking part so quickly and she has burped each time I have set her up.  Probably has to do with being well over 8 pounds.
A bit before 10, Bro. Paul and Miss Kay stopped by for a few minutes.  Miss Kay held Keaton and they were impressed by her size and her candy bars.  Everyone is getting a "5th Dennie" candy bar (5th Avenue).
Let's see here-a few more details from yesterday: about the time Robby had the girls come up here was about the same time that I decided that I wanted my epidural so I decided to wait.  Phillips came in and checked me and thought I also needed one soon.  Yes, I am a wimp but I am a wimp with a smile on my face.  The girls stayed for a few minutes and then they left-I was getting a bit cranky and needed some meds. They worked perfectly and as tradition, my blood pressure always falls after my epidural.  So this leads to light headedness and the dreaded throwing up.  Though it was just a bit this time.  They did give me some meds to raise my bp which seemed to help.  I am sure since I usually don't take much medicine all of these powerful drugs are pretty hard and quite surprising on my body.
The nausea continued a bit so they ended up giving me something else which helped even more.  When it was   time to push-I just really couldn't believe it.  It hadn't been a long day and to tell you the truth, it hasn't seemed like I have been pregnant long enough to have another baby.  Pushing wasn't too bad-though I always have no idea if I am doing it correctly.  One nurse was new to labor and delivery so the other nurse and Phillips were walking her through everything which added a bit of distraction for us.  Though I am usually always distracted enough worrying that Robby is just going to pass out on me-delivery is just not a pretty sight.  Enough about that.
I did apparently lose alot of blood so I got a shot to stop that.  Robby termed it as "gushing." Enough blood that they talked about giving me more.  Though when I mentioned I was light headed people sure do go into action.  This was the first time in a few deliveries that I haven't gotten sick or the shakes afterwards so that was nice.
In a bit it was time to have my folks and Jason come back and before long the kids had arrived with Grannymom and Grandpa.  Campbell was all about holding that baby and did as often as we would let her.  She didn't want any help from me either and would move my hand.  Anderson didn't feel that great so he could have cared less.  Graham was near her once and decided that was his turn and graciously declined when ever I asked him again.  Reagan, who I thought would be all about it, took a long time to convince her to hold Keaton.  Keaton was fussing so that probably bothered her but once she held her she was in her element.  Lilly, Cash and Dana came by to see her as well and Lilly was pleased that Keaton had the same middle name as her and Grannymom.
Soon after Pops brought us pizza and we ate and ate until it was time to move to our new room...and that is where this post began.


The afternoon was fairly slow around here.  I guess I should start with the late morning-let's see what all happened?  Dana came by to hold Keaton for a bit and Keaton did what she does best sleep!  Lynda Pruitt called to check on us and to tell us how pretty the baby is.  Right before lunch, Todd dropped by to visit for awhile.
Soon after, it was getting to be lunch time and we did wonder briefly if I would ever get my lunch tray.  It was almost 12:30 and I had decided that I had forgotten to put my name on my menu so I was left out.  Robby was about to leave for Subway when they knocked on the door.  And again, they had one for him-that is a new thing.  Though all that was eaten from it was the roll-pork chops just didn't sound too appetizing for lunch today.
They have a new thing here-instead of taking the baby for their pictures in the middle of the night and coming out with a pretty ugly new baby picture-they have a contract photographer here.  So she came to our room and took pictures of Keaton wearing her diaper.  Then she left, edited them and showed them to us on a little video on an ipad.  Pretty impressive stuff and they were pretty good pictures.  And what was nice was that we didn't have to order now and can order later online.  Oh, let me see if I can find a link so you can see here to see them.  And the password is 0927keatondennie  Anyway, they were pretty impressive.
Our next visitors were Pops, Reagan, Anderson and Graham.  Campbell had stayed at home with Nonna to take a nap but I haven't yet heard how that went.  The boys cared nothing about holding Keaton and Anderson only did out of obligation as they were about to leave.  Reagan was all about it and even got upset when it was time to put her down and leave.  Pops said that she was crying this morning because she wanted to go to the hospital to see Keaton.  Sweet now but in a few days, she will be sick of Ms. Keaton, I am sure.  Actually all of the kids were pretty interested in their candy from Robby and the presents that Keaton had brought for them.  The boys were all into seeing how the couch made out into a bed and then pushing it back.  Quite entertaining for them.
When it was time for them to leave, Ms Aleta from church stopped by to see her and then the nurse took Keaton for her hearing screening.  She passed her hearing screening and the nurse also helped with her lack of pooing.  Thankfully, they didn't leave that job for me-I don't really know how to do that-nor do I care how to learn.  It did help and she even went again later on by herself.  After all of the pooing excitement Jason came by to check on us and brought me a coke.  I was getting pretty thirsty in this room with no refreshments-that probably happens after you eat a few granola bars without a drink.  So that was our afternoon, I probably have one more post left in me for tonight so you can see how our evening went.

The first thing that happened this evening was the nurse coming to pick up Keaton for her PKU screening.  And just as they were rolling her out, James and Virginia came in to see Keaton.  They were able to get a quick glance at her for a second before she had to leave.  They visited for awhile but then they had to leave.  And of course, as soon as they had probably gotten on the elevator, Keaton was delivered back to my room.  She was out like a light and snoozed peacefully for quite awhile.
After James and Virginia left, I was looking around the room and saw the Gideon Bible laying on the table.  I mistakenly confused the Gideon Bible for the Book of Mormon and was very confused about why my Baptist hospital would have the Book of Mormon in it.  Finally, I realized my mistake and was relieved to find that indeed there is no Book of Mormon in my nightstand.  Also, I have decided that this bed I have been sitting in all day long is quite uncomfortable and the food is edible but after a few bites of each thing that is all that I want.      I might just starve if I had to stay here very long.  And tv, there is nothing on tv anymore-just constant talking.  Sounds like I am getting cranky-probably time for another pain pill!  Actually, after my little rant I feel much better but that pain pill still sounds good.
Robby arrived soon with smoothies and cupcakes.  Nonna called and had gotten everyone to their Awana class.  Campbell threw a little fit when going in-which is to be expected.  Anderson practically ran in his class and Graham did fine as well.  Reagan was pretty excited about telling Nonna all about her class.  Hopefully, they had a good evening in their classes.
Keaton is snoozing in her bassinet right now.  If we were at home, I would probably be jostling her trying to get her to wake up but since she will spend the night at the nursery, I will just let her sleep now and look at that pretty thing.  Tomorrow night I will be the one having to keep her awake in the evening so she will sleep some during the night.
Reagan is so in love with her baby sister that Pops brought her back up here tonight after Awana.  Everyone else was in the bath and they snuck off to see Keaton one more time for the evening.  Reagan said that one day she will get to feed her, so I just opened a bottle and let her have at it.  And you should have seen Reagan's proud eyes when Keaton let out a big burp while she was burping her.  Reagan asked us a zillion questions about Keaton-if she could hear, when she could lay on a blanket, could she leave the hospital floor and the list went on and one.  Love that girl.
After eating a cupcake and watching a bit of tv, we finally called it a night.  I bet tomorrow night will be a bit more exciting with a whole the whole houseful of kids.

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