September 4, 2011

Ice Cream Treat!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Graham was pretty tired last night when he went to bed and thankfully he slept well without waking until at least 7.  He doesn’t use his hand at all which is kind of funny watching him do everything one handed (thankfully, he is a lefty).  I don’t think his hand hurts (especially since I saw him banging on the chair with it) but I do think the bandage is a little awkward/uncomfortable.
  • When we do move, it will end our Sunday morning runs to get a cinna mini at Burger King.  So we have to hit it for the next few weeks.  The kids ate on the way to church and then it was time for big church-Graham went with us as part of his reward and did okay.  He did say he had to go to the bathroom so he got out of it a bit early.  Anderson did okay but we are having some attitude problems that we are going to work through-just 4 year old boy stuff
  • Lunch was at Nonna and Pops’ house.  After lunch, the boys and Campbell went outside to ride bikes.  Anderson rides speedy fast and has no fear and Graham rides well too-he even fell twice today but hopped right back up.  Robby tried to fix Papaw’s computer with no luck and once we finished over there it was time to head home for naps
  • Before naps though, we had to change Graham’s bandage and put medicine on his hand.  Graham was sitting on the kitchen table and Reagan and Anderson were gathered around to see the stitches.  Robby carefully and slowly unwrapped it.  Reagan and Anderson got a glance and ran out of the kitchen and then Graham looked down….he screamed “a bug!!”  I guess when he looked at his hand and saw those black stitches his 3 year old little head thought a big giant bug was on his hand.  As he was screaming “a bug” he was trying his best to get away from his hand.  It was pretty hysterical (to us at least)
  • We calmed him down and he did fine with the medicine and rewrapping.  We only have to do that 2 times a day for the next week-ha!  Naps were next and everyone slept well-Anderson and Reagan did stay awake and kept asking to play together until I finally agreed (I was trying to nap too so I probably would have let them do anything they wanted). 
  • After naps, Robby and I packed some more-for trips, Robby does his packing the very last minute.  So I have been quite surprised at how ready to pack he is.  If I wasn’t watching him he would pack up the toilet paper, baby bottles and other things that we will need before the move (baby bottles? yep, my prediction is that the baby will come before the move)
  • We grabbed a bite to eat at Quiznos and then walked over to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream.  Graham was also promised a special treat of ice cream for being good last night-being good really pays off around here-you get lots of special things-big church, ice cream and I even told him tonight that he could pick out a toy if he was good when he got his stitches out.
  • Reagan and Anderson watched a few movies once we made it home and Graham supervised our packing and Campbell slept.  Soon it was bedtime for all of the Dennie kids and all Reagan could talk about as I tucked her in was her birthday present from Nonna that she picked the other night.

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