September 26, 2011

Out last family picture at Gamble Rd.
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Tonight was more of a restful night-though Graham had wet his bed in the middle of the night (though his pull up remained dry).  Thankfully it was just his comforter so I went to grab a sleeping bag...which Robby had put in the file cabinet...which was behind the pack n play...but it was in the bottom so I had to move the pack n play...but then I couldn't open the I had to reopen the pack n play to step into it to reach the other sleeping bag that was out...all the while I was praying that Campbell's sleeping bag would be fine with him...and it was.  Then we all went back to sleep until we heard Anderson whispering to the monitor that he was ready to wake up and since it was time everyone joined us in bed
  • We put everyone's clothes on and then they had breakfast and then moved to the den to watch a dvd (this not having tv is tough on them-tougher on us though!).  Robby did buy an antenna today (welcome to the 70s) so we at least have some outside contact here in the country!
  • I dropped Anderson off who was very excited about seeing the firetruck.  Graham took his snack and handed it to Ms. Wendolyn so no one has to take it tomorrow since it might just be a busy day.  He was so excited to take it and will be thrilled to pass them out tomorrow.  Anderson was so happy to bring home some raisins today and told me all about having one leftover cheese cracker but that Ms. Stacy had that one.  Funny that he was happy about the raisins since he doesn't even eat them.
  • We then dropped Reagan off and even had time to see Pops.  Once we made it to Reagan's class she wanted to wait outside because she didn't want to be the first one in there.  Finally, she decided that it was time and went in just fine and seemed happy to be there.  She did tell me that I always packed her too much lunch and she tried to eat it all.  I told her to just eat what she wanted and she did indeed have some turkey left and ate it on the way home.  
  • Back at home, Robby was working from home and Campbell and Graham helped me around the house.  We did manage to read a few stories, calm down a few fits and even a nap for Campbell and a movie for Graham.  By this time it was time for turn around and pick up Anderson.  He had a great day seeing the two firetrucks that came to school today.  He even had a hat and a coloring book.  
  • Back at home, we had lunch and before long it was time for a quick rest for everyone.  I didn't really expect anyone to go to sleep but they all did.  I was able to get a few things done but then I had to wake each of them up to go back to church and pick up Reagan.  She was excited about her pressed leaves that she made today and told me all about how her teacher had ironed it together (Reagan has probably never seen an iron before)
  • We went back home to pack up for the next few nights and then we read a few books before meeting Robby for our last meal as a family of 6.  Pei Wei was our choice and the kids love the fortune cookies.  Then we ran back by Gamble to take a picture in front of the house.  
  • Then we dropped the kids off at Grannnymom and Grandpa's house and the kids were so excited that they were bouncing off of the walls.  Hopefully everyone will rest well tonight.

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