September 16, 2011

Excited to be spending the night
with Nonna & Pops!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Graham was the first one to wake up-probably since he wasn’t in a pull up so a wet bed probably wakes you up quickly.  He did lay in bed with us for awhile and soon we all started our day.
  • Robby worked form home for a bit this morning before we ran to sign some papers and more importantly to the kids, Nonna came over.  She said that she did have to break up a few fights and things did go downhill a bit before rest time.
  • When I came back home, Nonna left, Campbell took a nap and we did school.  Reagan was in a very bad mood during most of her school work today.  We started off with the real stuff-math, phonics and spelling today.  She finally worked herself out of her bad attitude.  The boys didn’t seem to notice because they were busy doing their own work.  Despite a bad mood or two, school went pretty good today.
  • We then had lunch and even though Anderson turned up his nose and pushed his chair back  when I told him that we had peanut butter in his tortillas-though he did eat every bit of it.  Soon it was nap time for Graham and Campbell.  I did let Reagan and Anderson stay up while I did a bit of cleaning (another showing tonight and one tomorrow).
  • Robby made it home and we headed out-tonight was Anderson’s turn at Nonna and Pops' house.  He picked going to Larry’s pizza and Pops said that he was a perfect gentleman.  Thanked them for taking him, said yes ma’am, wipes his hands and mouth.  He may not always act like that at home but at least he puts on a good show when around others-that’s my boy.
  • Reagan had Cate’s birthday party tonight so we took her and dropped her off.  Graham and Campbell went with us to Pasta Jacks to eat (warm food on a cool night was perfect) and then a run through Walmart spending money on lots of shelf paper.
  • We then picked Reagan up and went back to the house to do a few more things-try out the blinds and make a plan for the morning.  Graham and Reagan had decided that they want to sleep in the same room tonight. 

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