September 7, 2011

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Around 3:30 this morning, Robby and I were both awakened to our alarm going off and the printer trying to print something.  I guess I was the most awake because I asked him what it was and he said “just the printer.”  I questioned with “the printer ringing like that?”  By then I had looked at the clock and saw it was blinking meaning our electricity had been off and come back on.  Soon I realized our alarm was ringing just because the electricity had come back on so I beat it downstairs to turn off the alarm.  I still don’t know if Robby ever really woke up enough to figure out what all had happened. 
  • Tue boys were the first ones to wake up and since Robby was already leaving he took them over to Grannymom’s a bit early.  Soon the girls and I were headed over there as well.  Anderson scraped his knee and toe before we were even out of the driveway-silly boy. 
  • Reagan and I headed to the Nutrition Center for her 6 year old visit and her last visit there.  She was looking forward to the psych testing (strange kid) and playing on the slide but was not looking forward to brain lab (nor was I).  She did great and was brilliant at the psych testing.  But during the brain lab she did everything she could to not cry when they were putting her cap on.  She was trying to be so brave and of course this almost made me upset but we both held it together.  Once the hat was on she was fine and fidgeted a bit but who wouldn’t sitting with that crazy hat on for over an hour.  I was doing everything I could to stay awake myself.
  • Grannymom was the happiest to see my van drive up.  The boys were not pleased at all with me for picking them up even though they had been there for over 7 hours.  Campbell, on the other hand, heard me mention going home and a nap and the next thing I knew she was walking in the street.  I didn’t realize until later that she was trying to go and get in the van-she was ready to go home.
  • When we made it home, it was rest time for everyone and Reagan’s school for the day was cancelled.  But no worries, we will catch up a bit later this week.  I put everyone down to rest and probably that was a mistake.  An hour later, I started waking them up and even Reagan was almost asleep.  I had to put Graham’s shoes on him while he was still asleep but then had to take them off after he cried so hard he wet his pants and had to change his clothes.  Anderson took forever to wake up and I eventually had to tell him that I was leaving.
  • Of course, my grand plan had been for them to eat corndogs in the car (yes, corndogs-that is what they would have eaten if we would have eaten at church)  We only had 2 so we had to stop at Burger King for a burger and nuggets.  Graham didn’t want to stop at all and was ready to get to Cubbies-though he still threw a fit when he went in. 
  • Everyone had a great time at Cubbies and Sparks.  And I will be ready to start working on all of our Bible verses again.  After a quick snack everyone headed to bed.

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