September 5, 2011

Doesn't everyone
practice soccer inside?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • By 7 this morning we were working on packing our last 5 boxes that we had and it didn’t take too long to get them completed.  The kids all laid in our bed watching a movie while supervising our packing.  Graham is turning into Robby by wanting to pack everything now-he was quite upset that we were not packing his pajamas today.
  • We had a fairly lazy morning which included a bath for Graham and Campbell-if we don’t watch them too closely they will get in and then get out and then get in again over and over.  The doctor said not to submerge Graham’s hand in the water so we tried not to but obviously it still got pretty wet.  Soon everything was dry and clean again though.
  • Dana called and asked if the kids wanted to go to Pinnacle with her and Grannymom and of course everyone took her up on it.  They were all so excited-I think they had a picnic lunch, played on the playground and went on at least one trail on the mountain.  Campbell kept up with everyone else and didn’t want any help from Grannymom but would occasionally let her hold her hand when she was walking up big rocks. 
  • Meanwhile, we ran a zillion errands and didn’t get too much accomplished other than deciding on a fridge, ordering Reagan’s cupcakes for her class, cashing in 200 bucks worth of coins and eating lunch (well, I guess that is quite a bit).  When we were on our way home, the kids had made it back to Dana’s house and were all playing outside.
  • They were all busy jumping and playing but weren’t too upset about seeing us so they must have been pretty tired.  Once we got them in the van (which we bribed them with candy to get in) and then we headed home for naps.  Graham and Campbell were pretty tired but Reagan and Anderson ended up in the den playing until I finally let them wake Graham up to play with them.
  • Supper was next followed by more playing and another movie.  Then everyone had baths and bedtime for all.  They were still tired from Pinnacle because we never had to go up there at all tonight.

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