September 20, 2011

Yard boy in the making!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • School morning and we seem to be getting up earlier and earlier-we must be becoming country folk.  Ha!  Actually, Robby left for work around 7 so that means I have to get myself moving to get everyone else moving as well
  • We had plenty of time to review our Awana verses on the way to school and then the boys went to class.  I picked them up in the pick up line and when Graham saw me he stood up and went to tell Ms. Wendolyn.  Graham and Anderson were sitting next to each other.  Anderson was all excited about the fire truck coming on Thursday and said that he had to wear his new shirt (hope all of that is true because they are all very excited about it).  Graham was wearing his new school shirt and was so excited about having two shirts on.
  • The girls had spent the morning at Nonna’s house.  They saw Beebee and Papaw, Reagan did some school work and they played outside.  The boys and I joined them outside for a few minutes before eating lunch.  We had a few minutes before having to go home to start school, naps and clean up for another house showing. 
  • Soon it was time for us to get out of the house for another showing and we even had an offer tonight.  And possibly may get one tomorrow since this was a second showing today.  Hopefully so, they can have a bidding war just like on tv-everything happens like on tv, right?  Whatever happens, we are crossing our fingers that all works out.  And construction will begin on my garage when their names are on that doted line.
  • Pops was at the new house when we arrived.  He is going to make us a great lawn boy.  Mowed one side the other day and the other side of the yard today.  He has also used 20 gallons of poison ivy killer (probably not that much but close).  Robby worked on putting together a bench for our shoes, worked on the alarm system and installed my child locks.  I did fill up a closet with photo albums-lots and lots of photo albums-Debbie D. would have been so proud!
  • The kids were really good tonight and even played outside some.  We stayed out there until almost 9 and when we came home, they had a sip of milk and went upstairs to wait on me to get their toothbrushes ready.  I guess I took too long because I found Graham asleep in his bed. Campbell had been asleep for hours and only briefly stirred when we hauled her out of the car and up the stairs.

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