We’re Home Owners….times 2!

We closed on the new house today so it is official-so just 28 days ago we weren’t even thinking about moving and now we own a new home.  Needless to say it is pretty exciting around here and pretty overwhelming (even for us!).  We signed a zillion papers today and then I followed Scott to go and pick up the key. 
We were surprised to see that they had been scraping the ceiling in two rooms and it was quite the project.  That is fine though and it was nice to see it being done right-pretty impressed with the builder who worked on our house.  Might be a good thing for him since we will soon be working on the garage.
Well, we hope we will soon be working on an addition.  Scott did say that the average selling time in our current houses price range is 60-90 days.  About 59-89 more days that I would like but we did have a showing today and another tomorrow so it will all be good.
We went to the new house today and sealed some of the grout and will seal the rest tomorrow.  We also checked to see if our blinds were going to fit and they do (at least 2 of the 3 did-the other is in our bedroom and we couldn’t get in there).  The blinds will look great but they are pretty see through from the back-I had read that so it wasn’t a big surprise.  Graham and Reagan plugged in some nightlights and unloaded toilet paper (essentials for us Dennies).
The plan is to do some more work in the morning-seal all of the grout, clean the bathrooms and get the kitchen cabinets loaded.  It will be a busy next few weeks….can’t wait! 

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