September 23, 2011-Moving Day Part 1

Let the move begin...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Everyone was up and moving around fairly early this morning-since the tvs are already at the new house the kids now have no reason to come to our bedroom in the mornings.  They were downstairs playing with their one bucket of toys left-they were all playing happily in a little circle-maybe we need less toys (and after putting all of their toys just in one room, I am positive that we need lots less toys.  Only underwear for Christmas for us Dennies).
  • I took everyone to Nonna's house and they had a big time-outside play, breakfast, tv, more time outside and even lunch.  Graham did feel pretty rotten and complained and cried about his ear.  But other than that they were some pretty tired kiddos when I finally picked them up and shuffled them to Grannymom's house for the rest of the day.
  • They then played outside lots more, walked to Lilly and Cash's house to jump on the trampoline and had supper and baths.  By the time I was on my way to pick them up, they were all asleep so we just left them over there.  And yes, if you are a faithful blog reader you will notice that there are few pictures of them today (thanks Grannymom for saving us!) but I did take quite a few of the new house (if you will excuse the stuff thrown everywhere since we were in the middle of moving in).
  • Robby was off today and had Scott's truck so he started pretty early with a few big loads.  He moved all of the bins (boxes) and by the end of the day even bunk beds were put together.  They house still has lots in it for the real movers to come and do tomorrow but Robby did most of it today.  Pops and Grandpa were a great help along with Nonna, Grannymom and Jason.  Yes, while Nonna and Grannymom didn't have the kids, they had to work.
  • The kitchen is finished and the bathrooms are done.  Our closet along with the closet in the treadmill/baby room/school room is finished (yes, at least the baby won't have to sleep in a bathroom).  Tomorrow my mine task is  to put clothes back in the drawers and sort out these few last minute tubs that we did tonight (few, ha!  More like 20).  ....that is if I don't have this baby first it is now officially my due date.  We worked so hard today that if I don't have the baby tonight then I never would have it without being induced.  Don't stay up checking the blog though, I don't think it will be tonight.
  • When Robby made it home, we went room to room checking everything and then unloaded the storage building (shed) and then decided to make a Walmart run.  He needed orange juice and we also needed some tubs to put stuff in for the attic and then there was a shoe rack, numbers for the mailbox, motion lightbulbs and door stop....maybe we hadn't been to Walmart in a long time without the kids.  Anyway, we found 130 dollars worth of stuff to buy and didn't even buy me ice cream.  
  • After our long day, we did start a load of laundry and I even cut Robby's hair one last time here on Gamble.  Now that we will be in the country, we won't look as strange cutting hair on the back deck.  
  • Tomorrow is the official moving day so we will have movers, a tree trimmer and the fridge delivered.  (Though today we should have had the at&t man and the septic man and they were both no shows but the direct tv man did come and we have too many trees to have a satellite so no tv right now for us-don't panic though, it will work from our garage when it is built and until them we will just come to your house to watch tv!)

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