September 14, 2011

Helping with the dishes...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Robby has apparently become a morning person and left for work around 5:30 this morning.  So it was up to me to get up with those early rising boys at 6:30.  After Anderson pottied though they laid back down quietly probably because it was still darkish from the rain.
  • Soon though I heard a bit of thunder and Graham calling me.  Apparently he thought that we needed to head downstairs to our tornado hidey hole.  Have you ever tried to convince a three year old that a tornado was not coming and he could stay in bed.  The staying in bed party didn’t work but at least he only took his pillow to my bed and not downstairs to our tornado spot.
  • After awhile we were all up, dressed and eating breakfast.  We went over some of our memory work and then I let everyone play for awhile before school.  Reagan was laying in the floor, then she went to her bed and then came back to the den floor.  This was all in about 20 minutes so I did have her come to the table and do some math but by the end of it, she was beyond pitiful. 
  • I started to work on everyone else’s fingernails and eventually found Reagan covered up in her bed. I had told her that I would paint her fingernails but she asked me to do it another day and then said that her ear hurt.  Everyone time I would check on her, she had her hand on her ear and a horrible look on her face.  So I called to see if I could add her on to Graham’s check up today.
  • Nonna came over to stay while I went to my doctor’s appointment (Click here for the details)  and by the time I had come home, Reagan had woken from her nap and was feeling much better.  Everyone was sitting down having fruit and nutella for lunch.  Anderson was all about him some nutella. 
  • Before long it was time for Graham’s check up and Reagan’s as well.  They were both pretty chatty with Dr. Martin.  Graham’s bmi was pretty high-surprisingly high when compared to what Anderson and Campbell’s will be-ha!  Martin wasn’t worried at all.  I had thought he might have shots so I had tried to warn him but I was wrong and he didn’t need any.  Graham did have one ear that was red and she prescribed us medicine just in case we needed it.
  • On the other hand, one of Reagan’s ears were infected but not the one that Reagan had been holding and complaining of.  But either way, the medicine will help it.  Also, they were both able to have the flu mist and I also found out that Anderson can’t have to mist due to his asthma and since Campbell is too young for it, it all worked out perfectly for Graham and Reagan to be there today.  The other two will have to come another time
  • Back at home, Campbell had been having a nap while Anderson and Nonna had a big time playing trains and making a huge train track.  He was so excited about it and when I started to clean up, he heard me and came running making sure I wasn’t messing up his track.  Of course, I just left it out tonight while we were gone to church-even if people came to see the house tonight they would see a big train track
  • Everyone zoned out on the couch and then had breakfast burritos for supper.  I didn’t think they would like them so I told them that they had eaten them before and liked them alot.  And it worked-they ate them.  Well, all but Graham because he had fallen asleep on the couch.  On the way to church, Anderson fell asleep and Graham was needing to go to the bathroom-so as soon as we made it to church, I rushed him in to potty and locked the others in the car watching a movie.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to coax Campbell out of the car and wake Anderson up in time.
  • Reagan had really perked up during the afternoon (despite her crying, wailing and moaning for at least 30 minutes while trying to drink her medicine-drama, drama, drama).  She was so proud to get her vest, bag and book.  She said that she said her verse better than anyone else in her group-well, of course!

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