September 10, 2011

6th Birthday Party!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Even though it was a late night last night, the kids were up at the usual time but they seemed to be moving quick since the plan was to be at church to start getting ready for Reagan’s birthday party at 8:30. 
  • Reagan had meticulously picked out her dress for the day and was probably the first one dressed today and anxiously waited on us to pull out of the driveway while Robby and I put load after load of stuff in the car. 
  • We ran by Burger King (yes, it does seem like we are going there more often these days) and then met Pops at church.  The kids set in the car while we unloaded.  I did finally get them when they all started yelling for us.  We hadn’t passed out their breakfast yet because eating inside would buy us a bit more time.  And when I think about it, they have been spending lots of time sitting in the car-with baby and move coming up there might be lots of car time in their future.  Probably need to get a few new DVDs.
  • Reagan’s sixth birthday party was an Art Party.  The guests included Kennedy, Camryn, Laynie, Alyssa Kate, Caroline, Cate, Kennedy, Lilly along with Anderson, Graham and Campbell.  The first art activity was painting a little ceramic thing, then making a masterpiece on a canvas and the final art activity was making their own doodle paint to take home (which wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be but who knows if it will work-it all seemed runnier than when I made it here-the kids had fun though).
  • After the art activities, we had pigs in a blanket, French toast sticks, rice krispie treats shaped like paintbrushes, cupcakes and the birthday cake made with a palette full of different colors.  Next up was the piñata which we had quite a hard time hanging it up successfully but finally it did work-enough.  Just as Robby had told me, the kids went for the candy first and the art supplies second when grabbing the piñata loot. 
  • Then it was present time-Reagan received an assortment of art supplies, money, a bear, pieces for her doll house, a doll, a happy napper and lots of other things as well. She was pretty tickled with all of her presents.  (Just as I am pretty tickled that I almost have them all put away).
  • When the party was over, we went with the McGuires out to see the new homestead.  Todd and Robby walked the property discussing which trees to cut down (apparently they were thinking that money actually grows on those trees and once they were cut you could pay the tree cutter man).  After that we ran to Grannymom’s to pick Graham up-he had decided that he needed to go over there to get a new bandage for his hand.
  • Back at home, Campbell had a nap and Graham quickly fell asleep in our bed while Reagan and Anderson watched a movie.  Next up stirring everyone to get ready for Eden’s birthday party.  We went back to church to celebrate Eden’s party.  The kids played bingo with smarties and I was very surprised that they all could do that.  We will have to play Bingo some day for school.
  • We stopped for pizza on the way home and the kids spent most of the time coloring.  Campbell enjoyed drinking her water and not having to sit in a high chair (which she should have been in one but has started protesting very, very loudly so we have just given in to her demands!)
  • Back at home, it was bedtime and a fairly early one at that since it had been a busy day.  Just a few minutes ago we did hear some banging upstairs-sounded like someone digging around in a toy box for toys.  Robby and I snuck quietly up the stairs and he quickly threw open the boys door-and they were sound asleep.  Turns out it was Campbell swinging around her dog and banging it on the crib rails. 

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