September 21, 2011

Not the baby for much longer...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Campbell and Robby were up early this morning cleaning the microwave and the refrigerator-anybody want a fridge?  Come and get it-seriously it is clean now.  I heard the boys and they slid down the steps to get their milk-it is cramping their laying in our bed time because the mini fridge from our room was taken to the new house (yes, we had a fridge and microwave in our bedroom-some people call it resourceful, others call it lazy)
  • After Robby left, we had school and breakfast and then moved on to other things-like my goal of packing 10 crates.  I did that but I did end up unloading 5 so I had to pack more this evening.  
  • Nonna came over to watch everyone while I went to see Phillips one last time before the big day (click here for the details).  When I made it home the kids were eating lunch and Anderson's favorite was the nutella.
  • When Nonna headed home, it was naptime around here.  Everyone rested for awhile and I tried to stay awake for Robby to call me to get the sizes to order the rest of the blinds and then we loaded up another load for the house.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa actually loaded up the new load and then we put on our clothes and headed out there ourselves.  The kids so love climbing around on Todd's trailer and eventually came inside to play with a few toys.
  • Grandpa and Robby were working on the ice maker connection to get it ready and I unpacked a few of my boxes.  We then made it to church-16 minutes is the new official time it takes us to get there.  (That was Robby's time so mine was probably a little bit longer).
  • The kids so love Awanas and we watched Reagan for a bit tonight-she gets to excited about games wanting her team to win.  I was afraid she was going to stroke out-she was jumping up and down, biting her fingernails.  It was pitiful to watch-next week she will have to take some anti anxiety medicine.
  • When we came home, Robby had supper and then everyone went on to bed.  Oh, last night if you remember that Graham had put himself to bed and when he woke up he had gotten a teddy bear from the basket.  We didn't think anything about it when Robby left this morning he saw that Grannymom had put foxy inside the door-we had forgotten that she had taken him home to sew him up.  Poor thing was laying there all night long without Graham.  It did look like both of them slept well though.  Wish I could say that for him tonight-he has already woken up 3 times this evening crying.  He does have a pretty good cough like bark but has been on antibiotics since Wednesday (I think).

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