September 25, 2011

Time to clean the
moving truck!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • After an eventful moving day, we figured that we would have an uneventful and restful night....and we did until about 12 and that is when poor Graham started crying about his ear.  He was pitiful and was definitely in pain.  He squirmed, fussed, sobbed-if the emergency room could have done anything for him I would have taken him.  But alas since we are already on an antibiotic and have ear drops for pain that was all that could be done.  He would get to sleep and then I would cough, need to roll over or have to go to the bathroom and he would wake up again and we would start all over again.   Finally around 2 or a bit after, we went to sleep and he slept pretty soundly the rest of the night and woke up feeling great.
  • We were able to find our church clothes (actually pretty much everything is unpacked around here-just a few loose ends and quite a bit of outside stuff but I think we discussed that last night).  Anyway, we took the moving truck back to our house (and how highly can we recommend using Scott as your realtor just to get to use his moving truck) and then we headed off for breakfast.  The kids (including Graham) devoured their cinni minis.  And soon we were going to church-I had to drag Campbell into her class and drag Graham into his class.  These silly kids have a great time in their classes and Graham talks about what they have did but he was a sight to see this morning (at least we don't do the same thing at school).
  • Oh, I do have a funny church story.  So we were sitting in my dad's office while the kids were in Sunday school and Robby gave me some money to go and buy something at the coffee shop.  I came back and put his change (18.75) on my dad's desk by Robby.  He then got up to buy a drink with the .50 cents and left the other money there.  He returned and left the 18.25 sitting next to him while he was looking up something on the computer.  A few minutes later, people came in trying to find a key to get the visitor cards out of the offering bag (no, they don't call them visitor cards anymore but that is what I call them).  Finally they were able to find another person to open the closet and the 4 of them dumped the offering bag on the desk and started grabbing out visitor cards.  Then they started putting all of the offering back into the bag.  Most of it was in envelopes but there were some loose bills....and when it was all over they locked the bag, locked the door and headed out.  When it was time to pick up the kids, Robby stood up and remembered his change.  He checked his wallet, checked his pockets but then realized his 18 dollars had been on that same desk where the offering had been dumped-now his 18 dollars was part of the offering.  I laughed until I cried-that will teach him to not leave money laying around!
  • We then had Robby's birthday lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa's house.  He opened up a few gifts and enjoyed Mexican food and oreo delight (his favorites which have become my favorites as well) and then Reagan headed to Lilly's house to play, the boys and Campbell played with Grannymom, I went to the grocery store and Robby and Grandpa worked on getting the swing set into the truck and hauling it over here.
  • Next I picked up Reagan and we ran back to Gamble to grab the boys juice for tomorrow's snack (why would I have signed up for snack when I knew I would probably be having a baby?  I'm crazy)  Reagan looked in every closet and drawer checking for stuff we had left over there and tried to arrange the new people's furniture.  Oh, the juice is over there because we still just have our mini fridge and that is all.  Then I picked up the boys and we headed home.  
  • Soon Robby showed back up followed by Grannymom and Grandpa and they worked on pulling a huge file cabinet up the stairs and trying to put it in the attic and it almost fit-almost! Such a geometry thing but when it was turned on its side to stand it up it became too tall.  It did fit in the closet and will be just fine for eventual kid clothes or school work.
  • Tonight I walked into the toy room and it was surprisingly picked up.  I later saw Reagan and told her how proud I was that she had cleaned it.  She replied with "Anderson did it"-I was and still am shocked about that!  Maybe he is turning over a new picking up leaf!  Ha!
  • After Grannymom and Grandpa left, Robby took the van back to turn it in.  I tucked Campbell in, gave the big kids some milk and made them sit and watch me clean the kitchen and pack Reagan's lunch for school tomorrow.  By then they were begging to just go to bed so we pottied, brushed teeth, said prayers and snuck in there to go to bed-kind of nice having all 4 in one room.  Takes no time to check on them and kiss them all goodnight.

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