September 13, 2011

Open House Night!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • The 6 year old was the first one to wake up around here a bit after 7.  Of course this meant that we had to go and check on the boys and make sure they were still in the house since they are usually waking up an hour earlier.  Reagan was chatty Kathy this morning and had on her clothes and was ready to go before anyone else (another odd occurrence).
  • Robby dropped off the girls and they had a busy day-a walk, outside time, school work for Reagan (which she told me to start sending her the hard work so she could finish it there and not have to do it at home).  Reagan also spent time working on some special project which she has been talking about getting to work on for days now.
  • Graham started to fuss when I dropped him off mainly because another boy was having a fit.  I told him to stand near the window and wave at me as I drove by when I left and sure enough he was sitting by the window when I drove near.  Of course he wasn’t looking and I had to sit for a few minutes but soon he was waving a signing I love you to me.  Looked like he had a big smile on his face.
  • I picked the boys up and they had both had a good day.  Anderson was very excited about the “night party” (open house) tonight and told me that there would be punch.  Graham told me that parents could come and we could too.
  • At home we did school-some things Reagan can fly through but reading, phonics, math and spelling just take so long to do.  Not hard for her but time consuming-I am going to try to do a little less to speed things up.  We need more time for our fun things-like today when we sorted M&Ms by color.  Of course, this wasn’t hard for anyone but Reagan, Anderson and Graham loved every minute of it and especially getting to eat their work.
  • Soon it was time to drop Campbell off at Nonna and Pops’ house while we went to the boys’ open house at school.  Anderson was so pleased to show off his class and for us to see his work but Graham was just floored to see his handprints on the table and show them off to us.  It was like he had never seen it before. 
  • Robby took Reagan and Graham with him to vote and to pick up some supper for him and I took Anderson to pick up Campbell.  Anderson decided to stay in the car to read a magazine while I got Campbell but was inside in a few minutes.  Campbell then went to the door to look for everyone else. 
  • When we made it home, Grannymom and Grandpa were at our house working on our bathroom floor.  It looks great now but the kids can’t use the bathtub anymore here-just about 2 more weeks though so I think they can make it.
  • Reagan was pretty tired today and has been acting odd for the past few days-has had a cough/congestion but no complaints of sore throat, has said her head hurts a few times and then her stomach hurts a bit too.  But nothing consistent and still eating with no fever so hopefully this too will pass-quickly.

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