September 18, 2011

Celebrating early at the Brocks!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Robby and I thought that we were going to go to bed early last night but as soon as we laid down, Campbell started coughing continuously.  I finally put her in bed with me and Robby went to Reagan’s top bunk. But after 3 hours with wrestling with Campbell who would jump on top of me, touch my nose and say “nose” or even turn on Robby’s phone and start saying “hi, hi” each time I would almost get to sleep.  She never coughed in our bed probably because she never laid down for more than a few minutes.  At 12, I put her back in her room along with Reagan and Robby, shut the door and went to sleep.  And soon thereafter, Robby came back to bed because Campbell’s coughing started up again.
  • “By the dawn’s early light”-that is how all of the Dennie’s were woken up this morning.  Yep, Graham was shouting it from his bunk over and over again.  We probably won’t be singing the Star Spangled Banner anymore at school.
  • In the middle of church today, Anderson looked over at me and said “I am being better than last time, aren’t I?”  And he sure was being much better.  I have longed thought that when they start coloring during the sermon, that is when their behavior goes downhill.  But today since we had a guest preacher at church, they weren’t really sure that the sermon had started since it wasn’t the regular guy so they never asked for their colors and I never offered them up.  When church ended, Anderson mentioned again about how good he had been.
  • Also at church, Reagan whispered to me that she had been praying for the baby to be a girl.  I said oh but then she said “Don’t tell anyone or they may pray for it to be a boy!” 
  • You sometimes think that the kids don’t hear anything at church but while playing with legos, Reagan and Anderson started singing a new song that we sang at church this morning-though it wasn’t the exact words but still glad they picked up something.
  • We had our lunch at Nonna and Pops’ house-sandwiches and then we celebrated Robby's birthday.  The kids were so excited to sing Happy Birthday-or maybe they were just excited about getting to enjoy his birthday cake.  After we were finished, Robby and I went to the new house to start working.  Campbell did go with us and was quickly sent away to her closet for a nap.  The other kids stayed with Pops and Nonna for awhile-and the neighborhood kids were knocking on the door asking for them to come out before they even made it there.
  • Robby, Grannymom and Grandpa worked on the attics (yep, we go from no attic to 3 of them).  They are now clean enough to eat in-I might even start storing my extra pantry items in the attic.  Seriously, I am talking clean.  I unloaded a few bins, sealed the grout in the kitchen and child wrangled. 
  • Reagan and I did make a quick run to Walmart and it was very eventful.  We saw two ladies almost come to blows over a crate.  There was shouting, grabbing, lots of dirty words and security called.  I had never seen anything like it and I don't care to see anything like it again.  Reagan's eyes were wide but mine were alot wider. Needless to say, we had a long discussion about how we are to act to show God's love all of the time and I kept pointing out people who were helpful and kind while we finished waiting in line (I probably did this more for me than for her).  Oh, yes, we did move to another line on the other side of the store but could still hear the ladies (ha, ladies they were not) screaming despite the security officer being there.  
  • Before we knew it, it was seven and the kids were complaining of hunger so we headed home for quick showers and then supper.  After supper, Anderson asked if he could snuggle up in my bed-the boy must have been exhausted because about as soon as he was in his bed, he was out like a light.

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