September 15, 2011

Happy Fella!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • School day this morning-we were early enough to work on our Cubbies and Sparks in the car before dropping the boys off.  Twice as much work for me (I mean the kids) this year since we are in two different groups.  But since we all review our verses together it is really twice as good since they will be learning much, much more.
  • Graham had mentioned waving at me through the window again this morning but when he heard Ms. Wendolyn ask someone if they wanted to paint, he walked right in before I even knew it.  Reagan was even shocked at how well he did.  As we were walking out, Campbell tried to walk back into Anderson’s class to pick him up.  She looked at him and started motioning for him to “come here.”
  • The girls spend the morning at Nonna and Pops’ house. Reagan played a few games of memory and did a bit of school work while Pops and Campbell spent most of the morning snuggled and snoozing in the chair.
  • I picked up the boys and Anderson sang a song about shapes to me and Graham could only remember that they painted today.  They were very happy to see Pops and we all had lunch at their house before heading home to start on school work.
  • The boys are so tired in the afternoons after school that they can’t sit still or really do anything so I eventually sent them to bed for a bit.  I was then able to catch a bit with Reagan and then got them up to do their work.  Things worked out much better that way. 
  • Campbell, Graham and I went to check the mail and ended up sitting outside for almost an hour waiting on Robby to come home.  They were as happy as they could be just watching the cars go by-they might miss that. 
  • When Robby made it home we headed out to Home Depot and bought everything we might need for the house-well, not really.  We did buy a cart for his tractor, a weed eater (which he was supposed to buy for Father’s Day), grout sealer, locks for the attic doors, nightlights (Pops said it is dark out in the country) and a few other things.
  • We even stopped by Chick Fil A before leaving the parking lot and let the kids play for a bit.  Campbell was all about playing and when she finished her supper she wanted to go in a play by herself and she was as happy as she could be in there-so looks like we are installing a sound proof little room with a play area when we start building that garage.  Anyone want to buy a house?

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