April 10, 2014

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Everyone loves Orange Leaf!

  • My Keaton slept perfectly well last night.  She did make a few things during the middle of the night and I would lay beside her for a bit.  After my second time on the floor, I did wise up and bring my pillow and blanket to the floor with me.  I am sure that she always makes that much noise during the night and we just don't know about it (probably why Reagan was so excited that she was not sleeping in their room last night)  Oh and Keaton was not at all happy to be sleeping back in her bed tonight-she kept telling me that she wanted to sleep in my bed.
  • Robby took Campbell to school and Keaton tagged along.  Campbell was so excited that Robby was going to get to stay and listen to her sing.  I never stayed and listened to the others sing, I guess that I did have to get to work-hope I didn't scar them.  :)
  • While they were gone, the rest of us worked hard on school.  The kids were on fire today and they were all finished with school before 11.  I was even pretty distracted today because I was pulling stuff out for the next few weeks.  I am hoping that this will be the last time to do that this year-but I am second guessing myself since the pool won't yet be open so why not keep doing school.  Who knows but I do know that I do not like pulling out school for 4 weeks.  I do not know how teachers plan things for 20+ kids.
  • Since we finished school so early, I even had time to do my treadmilling before lunch.  Whitman did wake up before I was finished but since Robby was home, he got him out of bed.  I then fixed lunch and read a few poems to the kids while they ate.  Then it was our chore time-you set a timer to anything that the kids have to do and they can usually get it done.
  • Soon everyone was getting clothes on to go outside and I sat down to work on my grocery list.  Then Whitman and I ventured out.  He rode around in the wagon while the kids played a game of baseball.  I helped Robby with some yardwork (no, we didn't burn today-it was windy and we do like to burn on windy days but we did pass on this day!-kidding!)  I did quite a bit of blowing with Robby's 30 pound leaf blower.  Seriously, that thing is heavy-probably as much weight as Robby has lost.
  • The kids had a blast playing with the water guns.  I am always so surprised that squirting water at each other can be so fun.  Nonna and Pops brought Campbell home and she had time to play with the water guns too.  We stayed outside until almost 4 and then we did cut all of the men folks hair (except the baby) 
  • We all cleaned up and then headed out for our night on the town.  As we were getting ready, Reagan said "this is going to be the best day ever"-school, playing outside, yogurt.  We picked up burgers for supper and ate in the car and then we went for yogurt.  
  • The kids love the yogurt place and it is a special treat for them.  Reagan ended up with the largest-most expensive-bowl of yogurt but she ate it all.  And poor Anderson had the smallest bowl of yogurt but he helped Campbell eat hers. 
  • Robby explained to the kids that yogurt was their treat but grocery shopping was our treat.  He added that we were good when they were eating yogurt and they needed to be good while we were shopping.  They tried their hardest but over an hour at the store is just a long time for those kiddos.  They were good-most everyone was able to ride and even push the buggy.  Poor Whitman was so tired-he had to have his milk and then he wanted nothing to do with the shopping cart.  It is probably a good thing that the whole family doesn't go grocery shopping often or we would end up in the poor house!
  • The kids all stayed up on the way home-we were surprised about that.  We quickly unloaded groceries, put them to bed and started work on tomorrows supper-busy yet fun days here at the Dennie house.  

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