April 11, 2014

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Friendly game of kickball...

  • Early this morning, Anderson asked me if he could eat breakfast in 10 minutes so he could get an early start on school.  Well, I couldn't really say no to that so I got myself out of bed and got a move on things myself.  
  • We had ourselves breakfast and then started on school.  Today was not a scheduled school day but we still did school-I pulled out all of the odd school work that we never get around too.  And each of my big 3 had something to work on with the little girls.  Graham showed the little girls how to trace their alphabet with paint.  Anderson helped them fish for magnet letters and Reagan read the Chicka Chicka book and helped them move magnet letters as they read the book.  I didn't know how well all of this "teaching" would go but it went perfectly-so well that we might even just do it again.  I did have to bribe Campbell in the middle of the story saying that if she finished the story, then everyone could earn a lollipop.
  • Reagan was my straggler today.  One of her pages was adding and subtracting triple digit numbers.  She has gotten a bit used to her beginning multiplication so this page too her forever.  Some days she gets very upset if she is the last one but not today so that was good.  And since everyone was finished with school early, I had time to pull out the next few weeks of school for Anderson and Graham.  I was so very happy to mark that task off of my list.
  • Next up was lunch and then cleaning up around here.  The kids helped tremendously and before I knew it, it was almost 2.  I put Whitman to bed and then sent the kids outside to play.  While they were out I swept the garage and pulled a few weeds.  I did manage to take a few pictures of the kids playing kick ball.  Before they got started, I saw Graham bring a chair out for Keaton and then set it up for her so she could watch their kickball game.  Oh, sometimes they take such good care of each other.
  • The kids eventually were too hot and tired to stay outside so I passed out popsicles and then we all headed in.  I told some that they could skip showers because I figured they would be back outside tonight (they were) but they did have to change their clothes.  But before I could get back in the house, Campbell was already in the shower and Keaton was quickly stripping off her clothes.  
  • After they showered, they watched a few movies.  Soon Robby was home and he took Keaton, Campbell and Graham with him to pick up pizza.  As they arrived home, the Penningtons showed up and the McGuires were not far behind.
  • We ate our pizza and cheese dip and quickly sent the kids outside.  The grownups mostly stayed in and chatted away.  The kids were having such a good time outside that we even served their dessert at the picnic table.  When it was pretty dark, the kids were still out playing.  They ran and ran and ran and when it was time for everyone to leave, I had stinky, stinky kids.  
  • It didn't take too long for us to shower everyone and put them to bed.  Then we pulled out everything for tomorrow's game bright and early in the morning.

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