April 24, 2014

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Oral Report Day - Campbell's 1st time!

  • This was homeschool friends day so Graham indeed was up and doing his chores before 7'o'clock.  He came downstairs already dressed with his list in his hand.  Reagan was hot on his heels asking for my phone so she could time herself for her 5 minutes of toy room cleaning.  When my kids are excited about something they can really get things accomplished.
  • I was able to pull them away from their chores so they could eat breakfast and then everyone was back at their chores working away.  We were even able to get a bit of science reading in this morning before our friends started arriving.
  • We were a bit worried about the rain coming and ruining our outdoor play, so we started on our oral reports first thing.  We let the big kids go first with a few little ones interspersed.  Reagan is the oldest so hers was first with her report about Blizzard of the Blue Moon (all the reports were about Magic Tree house books this time).
  • Next up was my Campbell.  That child was so excited to do her first oral report that she couldn't wait any longer.  My baby did excellent-she had never done a report and rocked it.  I couldn't have been prouder.  I really thought that she might not do it but she did very good.  Look at the picture of all of the people that she was speaking in front of.  Her report was about the book Christmas in Camelot.
  • Anderson was next followed by Graham.  They dressed themselves today and ended up with the same color pants and shirt-so funny to me but they never noticed.  Poor things couldn't figure out why we could never get their names straight today.  Anderson's report was about High Tide in Hawaii.  At one time I had convinced him to wear a Hawaiian shirt and a lei but he was going to have nothing of that so I just dressed Whitman in a Hawaiian shirt.  Graham's report was about the book Tonight on the Titanic.  Alyssa Kate talked about the same book and Graham was so excited every time she mentioned something that he had learned.
  • After all of the reports were finished, we kicked the kids out.  They were barely out the door before my crew had started a kickball game.  So funny that they are obsessed with that.  It would sprinkle off and on and the kids didn't seem to mind.
  • We did call everyone in for lunch and then kicked them back out again.  This time Robby was able to join the kids in their kickball game.  The poor meter reader came by and he drove in the back yard and probably couldn't figure out the 10 plus kids playing in the back.  It would rain and clear up and sprinkle again most of the afternoon.  When all of our guests left, my crew came in and had their showers.
  • I ran a quick errand while we had a few sleeping and then I was back home with milk and a few groceries.  We had our supper and then Robby suggested going on a walk since the sky was now clear.  We put on shoes and changed out of pj pants and started on our walk.  As soon as we stepped out of the garage, it started sprinkling and by the time we could get to the big tree (end of our driveway road) it was pouring-like run back to the house pouring!  We were pretty soaked but did make some memories.
  • We filmed oral reports and then the kids watched a Let's Make a Deal while Robby remopped the kitchen floor today.  During the show, Keaton ran to Robby asking is she could go to the store and buy milk with him-where does she come up with these things?  
  • Speaking of Keaton, the other day she looked out the window and saw the neighbors dog and said "look a little deer."  That was cute until I realized that maybe we need to work on animal names with her until she later saw another neighbor dog and said "a neigh neigh" and then pointed to a squirrel and said "giraffe." 

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