April 7, 2014

All spunk!
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  • Monday morning and the kids were playing perfectly all upstairs in the toy room.  Whitman was still snoozing and I was already marking things off of my list.  This would have been really wonderful, except we needed to start school.  I will never understand why my children can be so happy and play so peacefully at the exact moment that it is time to do something else.
  • I did hate to call them down for breakfast but they came willingly and no one complained to much about starting school...and really, it was almost 9 so they were getting a later than normal start.  They had their cereal and gatorade (still no milk being distributed here at the Dennie house-especially to the boys-their tummies are nearly normal so tomorrow will be the day that the massive milk drinking resumes.)
  • The interruptions were better today-both boys had to write sentences.  Neither one can just skip what they are doing and do the next problem and another page of work while they are waiting on me.  Reagan is much better at that but maybe because she is older or maybe because both boys are much more concrete in their thinking.
  • We did finish school right at lunch time so I read science and the rest of our school-y stuff during lunch.  The kids don't mind as long as I keep passing out the food in between books.  Seriously, I try to fill their plates but I guess the longer they sat in the kitchen the more that they want to eat (I guess that I am kind of like that too)
  • After lunch, the big kids went back to the toy room and Campbell and Keaton were my Whitman babysitters.  I put him in their bedroom to crawl around while I cleaned off my spot where I pile my junk (I can't tell you where that is because you will try to find that messy area of my house when you visit.)  Campbell even pulled out the tunnels for Whitman to crawl through and it did sound like they were having a big time-until they weren't having a big time and my Whitman was mad, mad.  He usually doesn't get to upset but he was fussier than I had ever seen him.  I guess that he was done playing with Keaton and Campbell and was ready for his afternoon nap.
  • I let the big kids play some more and then put the little ones down for a nap.  The big kids watched some movies and ate their apples and edamame for snacks.  Soon it was time to grab our soccer gear and head to practice.  
  • Campbell wasn't too sure why I didn't have her uniform to wear and then I think she thought that it would be raining like last week-I am sure that she was thoroughly confused about what was happening.  She did pretty good at practice and listened fairly well to Robby with some climbing on the net and rolling in the grass.  On the other hand was Graham he takes soccer practice pretty seriously and was all about it tonight.
  • I watched Reagan's team practice and they did really well and Reagan seemed to have a much better time playing soccer than she did playing football this year.  Then it was time for Anderson's practice.  At the end Robby had them scrimmage and they needed another player for things to be even so Robby rotated Graham, Reagan and even Campbell into Anderson's practice.  I am so surprised that Campbell jumps right into the fray and tries to kick the ball just like the big boys.
  • After practice, Robby picked up supper on the way home.  The kids had quick showers and then they devoured the BBQ.  After a bit of medicine for my boys and teeth brushing for all, it was bedtime.  We only heard a few fake coughs coming from their room so I guess they were pretty tired tonight.

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