April 23, 2014

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  • A restful night last night but an early morning.  Oh, never mind, it wasn't that restful!  Ha!  I forgot that Whitman woke up around 5 and fussed for the longest time before I went in to check on him.  He was pretty adamant that he wanted milk so I obliged.  Last night Robby said that he wasn't going to run this morning and sleep in a bit but I guess Whitman thought that he really should get up to run (he didn't though!)
  • The kids started stirring way too early-mainly Graham.  I don't know why his little clock is off lately but he is waking up around 6:45 every day lately.  Tonight he asked me if I could lay out his chore list so he could get started in the morning right at 7-um, okay.
  • This morning was Bible study day and I had to work in the nursery so I don't really feel like I went to Bible study at all.  Oh, well, I will get the CD of the lecture so I can catch myself up-I guess I could read ahead.  It is Revelation so I do know how things end up.  I was able to see Campbell, Anderson and Graham walk by as their class went to practice for their little program next week.
  • Afterwards, I took the kids too the park for lunch.  It really just works out better right now since we would arrive right at Beebee's lunch.  Her dining room is getting fuller and the other option is for us to eat in the activity room and that is just too much activity for me.  So eating at the park is a win-win.  We make it to Beebee's after her lunch and the kids get some time at the park which they love.  Of course today, there was almost a fist fight in the car over what park we were going to.  We voted and there were some unhappy with the results but no one seemed to complain once I let them out of the car.
  • We had lunch at the park and then walked some around the little lake.  And then it was back to the car to go to Beebee's place.  She was happy to see us and the kids were happy to see her crisp dollar bills and bucket full of candy!  The kids were fine today but Whitman was my fusser.  He was exhausted (as he should have been after a full morning) and he let everyone know about it.
  • Back at home, the kids rode their bikes while I unloaded bags and people from the car.  I even unpacked most things before I pulled sleeping Keaton out.  The kids all came in as I brought in my last load and they watched their movies while I did a few chores around here.
  • Soon it was time to get ready for supper and then to church for the last official night of Sonshine Kids and 3:16 Live.  The kids so love Wednesday nights-I think they may go into withdraws after church and Bible study are both over.  
  • Back at home, my sweaty boys along with everyone else had a shower and then a little snack before bed.  Tomorrow is the big oral report day so we will see how Ms. Campbell does on hers.  And speaking of Campbell-sometimes I think she is not my child.  The other day I heard her singing in the shower "I've got 1 mommy, I've got 2 daddies, I've got 3 mommies, I've got 4 daddies."  And her song went on and on.  Gracious me!

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