April 4, 2014-Happy Birthday Whitman Again!

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The traditional Krispy Kreme birthday donut!

  • The kids didn't beat Robby up this morning because he was up and running pretty early.  I stirred pretty soon after 4 kiddos were laying in my bed-I had plenty of things to do today and needed to get an early start (my earliest start didn't really help me that much though!)
  • Pretty soon after Robby left this morning our cinnamon rolls were ready.  Then the kids started on school.  We had clearly discussed last night that the kids are not to interrupt when I am helping someone else-unfortunately, I think that they misunderstood us and thought we said that interrupting was okay.  Seriously, it was the worst it has ever been.  Poor Campbell had to wait on me forever while I handled all of the "emergencies" that were happening.  
  • This was the first time in a long, long while that Campbell has been home during a homeschool day.  She asked to do her reading book first and worked so hard at it.  Then she dutifully started on her drawers-she did only do about 2 of them but then she stayed busy the rest of the time playing with Keaton.
  • This morning I was changing Whitman's diaper and Keaton was with me.  Keaton was quite chatty and said "Whit whit has poopoo on his tooty?"  I have never heard the word "tooty" before so I said "where's his tooty?"  She said "body" (which means bottom.)  Then she added "AA have tooty, GG have tooty." (AA-Anderson, GG-Graham)  I now figured out what a tooty was and asked her "Do you have a tooty?"  She answered "no, Campbell no have tooty either."
  • I then fixed the crew lunch and we read a few stories.  Then we did our bit of cleaning around the house and afterwards, we all made cookies.  I was trying a new recipe and was pretty excited about it.  I should had better read the directions because my dollops of dough that I had placed on the cookie sheets turned into huge, huge cookies-so big my first pan became one big cookie and I had to start taking dough off of the pans I had ready.  So my cookie making took forever only baking 5 cookies at a time.  
  • Then I started working on Whitman's cake.  I was using fondant and wasn't sure about how to do a few things.  So I thought of googling it but why do that when I could just ask the kids.  Since my kids have become experts on all things fondant due to their Cake Boss watching, I just asked.  They quickly answered my question and all 4 of them agreed on what I should do.  So I took their advice and then they watched everything that I did while telling me exactly how I could have done it better.
  • All too soon, my afternoon was quickly ending and I still had a mess of a kitchen.  It didn't help much that some of my time was spent redoing my cake when my sweet Campbell stuck her hand in it.  Yep, I did keep my cool...I calmly kept repeating "leave the kitchen, leave the kitchen."  Thankfully, I didn't have to sell Campbell to buy another cake from the Cake Boss and was able to fix things.
  • When Robby came home most of us were still in pajamas and the house was still a mess.  We did decide to go out to eat and to eat doughnuts to celebrate Whitman's birthday.  So we scrambled around here getting ready and then while Robby vacuumed the rest of us ran around cleaning the house.  Kids were dusting, scrubbing the table, putting things in the laundry-really, we should do this on a more regular basis.
  • We had supper at Pei Wei and the kids were so excited to eat at the place "with noodles and those sticks and those cookies."  The kids devoured their lo mein noodles and Robby and I put a huge dent in our food.  They mixed up our order-my plate didn't have the veggies and his did.  We were a bit confused when they brought it but when we figured out they had just mixed up the veggies we said it was fine.  The manager came over and apologized and we again said that it was not a problem.  Then she came back with more veggies for me and a gift card-amazing customer service.  Of course the kids have to know everything now so we told them what happened and when they learned that she gave us a gift card, they were thrilled because this meant that we were going to get to come back.
  • Next stop was Krispy Kreme for Whitman's birthday doughnut.  My little guy knew that candle was for him tonight and he knew that doughnut was also for him.  Cute little thing-everyone enjoyed their doughnuts.  And it does always seem that I am in the restroom for most of our krispy kreme visit-not me, everyone else pottying and washing hands.  My boys little tummies have gotten better but after our little eating out adventured tonight, I don't think that is true anymore!  
  • Everyone went quickly to bed tonight and then Robby and I started getting ready for soccer tomorrow-clothes laid out, shoes by the door, ice chest ready to be packed, diaper bag filled and the list goes on.  

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