April 19, 2014

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Upward Soccer Week #3

  • My Grahammer slept very well last night. He coughed some and even called out one time.  Robby laid by him for a bit but I do think they he rested fairly well.  Though it was all too early that we had to wake up for soccer.  But when you mention soccer over the monitor to them, they were down the steps before I could run to the shower.
  • Robby fed everyone breakfast after they put on their uniforms while I finished getting ready (he had already ran this morning-that man is dedicated waking up at the crack of dawn)  Before too long, we were loaded up for another day of soccer.
  • First game was Campbell and Graham's game.  They did wonderful even though I think my Graham didn't feel 100 percent.  He didn't score today (he has a little ball hog on his team) but they still won.  But the first score was kicked in the goal by Campbell!  After she kicked the ball in, we saw her run back to Robby with her hands over her eyes.  We wondered if she had gotten hurt but didn't see it but tonight I asked Robby and he said that she was embarrassed.  I guess we will try to keep our hollering down next goal she scores.
  • Next game was Anderson's game.  And it was hot, hot during this game.  I did pull out the sunscreen and spray a few kids who were nearby.  I did spray Keaton but I neglected to spray her arms-mistake!  She might even have to wear a long sleeve shirt tomorrow so I don't get the bad mom of the year award.  Anderson's team won and I really can see his soccer skills improving.
  • But my favorite game of the day was Reagan's game.  The clouds coming out did make the game more enjoyable but the highlight was Reagan scoring.  That girl was on fire today.  She ran towards the ball more than I had ever seen her do.  Her teammates seemed to be moving slow today but Reagan was in high speed.  And her scoring was her first time to score this year (she actually never even scored last year)  She was so proud of herself and we were all too.
  • During each of the half times today, they dropped eggs on the fields for the players to pick up.  It was pretty entertaining watching the kids run everywhere collecting baskets full of eggs.  We had already talked about being okay with how ever many eggs that you picked up.  And we had discussed that Keaton wouldn't get any so they had all agreed to share with her.  
  • Keaton and Campbell went home with Grannymom and Grandpa after soccer and they went to Lilly and Cash's church's Easter party.  Campbell planted a flower, Keaton had her face painted, they jumped on the jumpies and petted many animals.  My girls had a big time and they were pretty tired when I picked them up from Grannymom's house tonight.  
  • We stopped at Walmart on our way home and then ate bbq for lunch.  Then it was nap time for Whitman and outside time for the rest of us.  Robby and I worked on the leaves and had a burn pile off and on during the day.  That silly wind would be calm and then there would be a breeze-and we would water that pile down until the wind would stop.  Even after I stopped working and went inside, Robby continued to mow and work in the yard until almost 8 tonight.
  • The kids had lots of fun outside-bikes, scooters, tire swing, water guns, ice cream, basketball, kickball and even more kickball with Robby and then a game with the neighbor boys.  After Robby finished playing ball with the kids, Graham was exhausted and ready to go in, so him and Reagan went in and took their showers.  They even started on the list of chores that I had left for them.
  • I eventually woke Whitman up and he ran with me back to Walmart (still didn't get milk!) and the tractor supply store and to get the little girls.  When we made it back home, Anderson was still playing kickball with the neighbors-possibly baseball by this time.  Campbell joined them in a water gun fight and Keaton came inside with me.  
  • I scurried around getting a few things ready and then the kids started coming in.  They had showers and then they ate supper.  I made them ham and cheese croissants and my big 4 all ate an entire croissant.  I couldn't believe it!  
  • Next up was the egg dying-it has become a tradition around here that we wait until the very, very last minute to dye the eggs and this year was no different.  I felt like I had boiled a lot of eggs but poor Whitman didn't end up with any and the others only had 4 apiece.  I remember growing up that we each had a dozen eggs to dye.  Hmm, there is now way that we could eat up six dozen eggs though next year!  
  • Then we finished our resurrection eggs.  My kids were able to tell Robby all about the Easter story tonight.  And after the eggs were over, it was time for bed.  My crew was exhausted-love days like this!   

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