April 17, 2014

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Easter Party at Preschool!

  • It was fast morning around here.  Kids were all stirring right at 7 and Campbell was ready to go to school in no time - she was ready to get there in time for her party (which she had plenty of time to get there)
  • Soon Robby and Keaton were off to deliver Campbell to school and the others were quick to start their school work. Graham started his math video even before breakfast was served.  Everyone worked fast because they knew Grannymom and Grandpa were coming over to do some work around the house.  They worked even faster when they arrived but were told they had to finish 2 boxes before they could go visit.  That lit a fire under them and they were all done in no time.
  • Tara and Reagan were soon off to assist with Campbell's party - it was her turn to take the party favors so they had bags of crayons, eggs, candy, ring pops and more.  Her class had fun searching for eggs (and Reagan had fun helping hide the eggs.)
  • They all come home and even had lunch (thanks Grannymom!) of hamburgers and nuggets from McDonald's.  Lots of work done outside including a new ball holder for all the soccer, basketballs, and more.  Pretty nifty thing Grandpa built (with a hint from Tara and Pinterest).  Will have to take a picture but think it's going to be pretty handy to hold balls and easily retrieve them.
  • Soon Grannymom and Grandpa had to leave in time to make it home to meet Lilly and Cash at the bus stop.  Everyone helped pick up and inside everyone came for showers and a bit of rest time and movie time.
  • Mom was busy scurry around for her bunko tonight - special bunko of bread making lessons from Louanne with Mom bring dinner and all the fixings including brownie batter dip, fruit salad, spinach salad, chicken salad and croissants, pound cake and more.
  • Dad fixed up a scrumptious supper of Chef Boyardee and even cooked up a batch of turtle cookies. It had been awhile since we watched Let's Make A Deal but before that we watched a Shark Tank.  We were 3/4 through Let's Make a Deal and was interrupted by a presidential press conference so everyone was a bit disappointed because that meant it was time for teeth brushing and bed. (But it was already later than normal so no one really complained)
  • Everyone was worn out because not a peep was heard after the kids went to bed.

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