April 29, 2014

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Cutie Pie!

  • Another day at the Dennie house and and another sick kid.  It was Keaton early, early this morning and afterwards she was her smiley self.  This is her 3rd or 4th time in about 2 months to get sick so she does recover pretty quickly!  I am going to bleach the entire house so this bug will leave my Dennies alone.
  • Campbell had school and was excited to go back after missing on Thursday even though she had a sub.  The rest of us started on school and Graham asked when he finished "Did we do better today?" and they did do better today (though yesterday was a very good day during school.)
  • During school, my plan was to isolate Keaton and her stay in my bedroom for the morning.  That lasted for awhile and she would go back to her blanket when I asked her for the first part of the morning and then she started telling me "it is dirty."  Well, I looked and it was indeed full of legos and playdoh so I had to help clean so she would have a spot to sit.  
  • Whitman enjoyed the morning sitting/standing and even trying to climb out of his pack n play.  That child is happy in there until someone talks to him and then he realizes that he is the only one locked up and decided that he wants out.  
  • We had lunch and then worked on picking up the house.  And after that we played Monopoly Jr. while waiting to go to Whitman's doctors appointment. Reagan won and I was the first one to lose-those silly monopoly games last forever!
  • I dropped everyone off at Grannymom's house and I had briefly forgotten that Campbell was there.  Grannymom had picked her up-I don't know where I thought that she was but I was still surprised to see her in their driveway when we drove up.
  • Whitman and I went to his 1 year old check up.  He is 30 inches tall and weighs 24 pounds.  That baby isn't as chunky as my others have been!  He does have excema and Dr. martin thought that he has a bit of torticollis so that means a PT eval is in his near future.  It is very mild and I am going to start to work on stretches soon.  
  • Whitman was a perfect guy the entire time-until time for shots.  He did stop crying immediately after his shots but then we had to go down the hall for a finger prick and he was none to thrilled about the lady squeezing his finger.  But once I handed him his milk he was a happy camper.
  • When we got back to Grannymom's house, Robby was already there with supper so we all ate before Lilly and Cash had soccer practice.  Then Robby headed  out with the kids to meet a man for an estimate on a tree house while I headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  And how come "picking up a few things" is now at least a hundred dollars every single time.  Robby said that our grocery budget is out of hand these days-so we have decided that one kid will have to skip every meal.
  • The kids played a round of kickball before we all came in for showers.  Tonight they even had a bit of time to play on their kindles before a snack and bed.

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