April 8, 2014

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Homemade Pizza Night!

  • We were all up about as early as we were yesterday but things were much different.  The kids weren't happily playing in the toy room-I think it was too messy for them to even think about entering it (imagine every lego we own on the floor in the toy room).  So they were all downstairs which was fine because we had breakfast before Campbell had to leave for school.
  • She was ready to go on time but I had Robby to work on my school room computer mouse and that delayed them quite a bit.  Without my silly mouse, the kids can't watch their math or English videos.  And more importantly without that working mouse, Keaton can't quietly watch a video while the others work.
  • School was started on time and Graham started off well.  But then he did plummet but still managed to finish decently.  This year much of his work is down with me except for math and phonics and a few other little things.  Next year will be much different for him with him doing most things on his own-wonder how that will work out?  
  • Speaking of Graham...that child came downstairs this morning wearing only his pajama pants.  He never put on a shirt all day long.  Now Reagan does her work in front of a heater and I was wearing a fleece jacket but he was shirtless.  Boys, I will never understand them.
  • We finished school a bit early today and I told the kids that everything that I was able to before lunch was things that they would not have to help me with after lunch.  They understood this and mostly left me alone while I ran around the house cleaning for the 30 minutes before lunch.
  • We had our lunch and read a few books.  Then we did our after lunch cleaning followed by playing a few games.  Whitman sat in the exersaucer and happily watched us play our angry birds board game.  After we played for 30 minutes and everyone's score was still zero and no where close to the needed 1000 points, we opted for a round of Go Fish and Phase 10.
  • The little ones had a nap and the big ones watched a movie.  The boys had been begging me to use their monster trucks but it was raining so I told them they could in the garage or the mud room/my closet and bathroom.  They opted for the garage and were outside with their cars, duct tape and markers for the longest time.  
  • When Keaton and Whitman woke up, we made a print of Whitman's foot for his baby book.  That silly baby just sat with staring at me and eating his cracker as I put paint all over his foot.  I have made prints of all of the kids feet when they were newborns, 6 months old and a year.  Whitman is probably glad that I don't have to slather his little foot with cold paint again.
  • Soon Campbell and Robby were home.  Campbell had spent the afternoon at Grannymom's house after school.  My Campbell went to the store, built a jail with Cash and even played outside.  She had a big time and was pretty tired (that is my polite term for fussy) this evening.
  • When they came in, we unloaded Robby's groceries and then we made our pizzas for supper.  The kids are getting pretty good at their pizza making skills.  Campbell made a great horse but Graham's crust was super thin and perfectly crispy.  He wasn't too nuts about it but I happily traded him for my slice. 
  • After dessert of our cinnamon strudel pizza, the kids played and I walked into the them all sitting on blankets in their room.  Someone said that they were doing yoga.  Well, I just thought that I would get them a real yoga video to watch-they all did their best and it was quiet a hoot to watch. Meanwhile, Whitman was in the shower playing happily-we even hated to get him out because he was so happy.  
  • I read everyone a book before bed and then it was lights out for the kiddos-literally lights out.  I closed the door to their room and their nightlight was not on.  That caused a huge disturbance up there but thankfully my Reagan quickly fixed it and all was well.

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