April 2, 2014-Happy Birthday Whitman!

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Celebrating my birthday with Beebee!

  • Everyone slept very well last night but still my Graham just wasn't well enough for Bible study.  Thankfully, Robby was able to work from home and hang out with Graham who enjoyed his morning of being lazy around the house.
  • As soon as we had finished making this decision, we heard our birthday boy waking up.  Whitman was fairly confused when all 7 of us walked into his room singing Happy Birthday first thing this morning.  I can't believe that that little fellow is 1.  
  • We had pancakes and waffles for breakfast and the crew ate up.  Soon we left for Bible study without Graham.  And it is just odd having one less kid-Campbell kept saying "I miss Graham."  I tried to explain that we were still in the driveway and she hadn't had time to miss him yet but she didn't understand that.
  • Reagan did ask that I try to pick her up first from Bible study next week.  I think that she gets tired of being one of the last kids to be picked up.  I told her that I would certainly pick her up first if she only reminds me next Wednesday.
  • The next stop on our day was lunch at the park with my Bible study group-except that practically none of them could come so we invited our other buddies.  Robby was able to drop off Graham for a bit to have lunch and play with the others.  Anderson was the one though feeling puny at the park and even sat down for a bit instead of playing.  He actually didn't eat any of his lunch while Graham shoveled his lunch in.
  • After a bit of playing, it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Whitman.  He enjoyed having all of the kids gather around him singing but I think that he really enjoyed the cupcake!  After everyone finished their cupcakes, Anderson asked about the bathroom again and I quickly loaded the crew to go in search of a bathroom.
  • We met Robby at the store and Anderson went to potty with him.  Then I left without Anderson and Graham and I, the girls and the birthday boy went to go and see Beebee.  She was happy to see us today and happy to dole out the candy and money.  (Every week Campbell keeps her money in her pocket and then puts it in the offering at church.)
  • Robby and the boys unloaded the groceries and before too long, we were back home.  The kids watched a few movies this afternoon (Keaton even watched the movies today since she didn't have time for a nap.  Tonight within five minutes, that baby was sound asleep!)
  • Soon the healthy folks headed back to church.  My Campbell went to class perfectly but my Whitman is now walking too much and will soon have to move up a class at church (that makes me sad!)  The girls thought it was so much fun riding in Robby's car with the windows down near the house tonight but Whitman really loved riding in Robby's car turned around so he could watch the tv.
  • At home, the boys stayed busy playing checkers.  Robby beat Anderson and then Graham ended up beating Robby.  I think they are getting better at checkers!  Then they made birthday cards and when we came home, the girls joined them.  That project could have lasted all night so we promised they could finish tomorrow.
  • Everyone was fully medicated tonight-fiber gummies, pepto, probiotics and who knows what else-so hopefully all tummies will be well tomorrow!

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