April 12, 2014

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Super Soccer Star!

  • Way too early this morning, Robby was waking up the kids and calling them to come downstairs to get ready.  On soccer days, you don't have to call twice and everyone was downstairs in a flash.  Everyone was ready quickly and Robby made bacon and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
  • Breakfast took a bit longer so teeth were brushed quickly and shoes were put on in the car.  But there was no cause for alarm because we made it to the soccer field in plenty of time.  Robby had said that it would be warm today and I was convinced that the weather would be like yesterday...we were wrong. It was cloudy and windy and chilly.  I ended up borrowing Jason's coat and stayed cozy and thankfully most of the kids had some type of coat in the car (Keaton only had Reagan's coat to wear and it swallowed her but she thought she was a diva wearing her big sister's coat.)
  • The first game was Campbell's and Graham's.  Graham scored twice today and Campbell did even better.  She ran after the ball and I do think that little thing might even score by the time the season is over.  They did win their game and then we moved on to Anderson's game.
  • Anderson's team seemed to be in a fog today.  They all seemed to be moving slow-I really do think that they practice much harder than they played today.  My Anderson also scored twice and their team became pretty far ahead so their win was an easy one.
  • Then Reagan's game.  Her team was down by 5 at one point and then they turned it on and started scoring.  The official total was that they lost by one but the other team scored after our coach had asked them to stop while he was busy tying a shoe.  So unofficially (according to Momma Dennie's scoreboard) Reagan's team tied.  My Reagan never scored last year and she doesn't really care but today she was so close to scoring-so, so very close.  Oh, well there are at least 4 more games so she will have a few more chances.
  • After the games, we headed home for lunch of leftover pizza.  Whitman went down for a nap, Keaton and Campbell showered for their next outing and the others changed to go out and play.  Grannymom and Grandpa came over to help with some yard work and Reagan, Anderson and Graham had much fun swinging, picking up sticks, playing in the water, raking and playing ball.  They were still outside when we came home from our party.
  • Keaton, Campbell and I went to an Easter Egg Hunt thrown by Aiden and Ryan's grandma.  They had lots of kiddie food that the girls ate.  Then there was even a pin the tail on the bunny game.  And oh, you should have seen my Campbell take care of her sister.  She made sure that she was in line for the game, made sure that she had a turn and made sure that she got a prize.  She continued taking care of her during the egg hunt.  
  • Campbell would keep coming back to check on Keaton's egg finding progress.  Keaton would have collected many more eggs except that she only picked up the pink and purple eggs until she couldn't find anymore of those colors and then she moved on to other colors.  When the hunt was over, the kids were given a big party favor bucket and my girls were so excited.  They both even went over and told their hosts thank you.
  • We made it back home in time to see Grannymom and Grandpa before they left.  Then everyone had showers and put on pajamas before we then headed out for supper.  Nonna and Pops cooked supper for us tonight since Reagan and Anderson are not going to be around tomorrow for lunch because they have choir practice.  
  • They had hot dogs and hamburgers and all of the fixings.  The kids ate and ate and then we had plenty of time to play.  We finally left when the kids were fairly tired but they all had a bag of Easter candy from Nonna to dream about tonight.  That did help with bedtime tonight because everyone was thinking about their candy they they will be able to dive into tomorrow.

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