April 27, 2014

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Ice Cream Truck Night!

  • The kids were up this morning and ready to start the day-lots happening today-a birthday party and the musical at church.  My kids were excited and soon had on their church clothes.
  • I had pulled my weak little self up the stairs yesterday to pick out their church clothes as I always do.  And as Reagan always does, she changed what I picked out for her.  That little stinker laid out her dress that she wore last week for Easter.  I thought about mentioning that but then I decided that if she wanted to wear it 2 weeks in a row, that was fine with me.  I won't let her wear it next week but two weeks is fine.
  • Once everyone was ready, I pulled out breakfast and then we were on our way.  I am feeling much better but still a bit puny and weak so I skipped church and stayed at Nonna's house.  Though at Nonna's house, I worked the entire time I was there-clipping coupons and sorting clothes that my aunt had sent us.  
  • It wasn't too long before everyone was back from church and eating lunch.  Pops had made some delicious meat that my vegetarian Anderson ate 3 pieces of.  The meal was good and I even ate some of it.  
  • Due to the weather, all of our Sunday afternoon and evening plans were cancelled.  First the party was postponed to next week and then the musical was also postponed to next week.  That left us with nothing to do this afternoon-nothing to do except take a wonderful Sunday nap.  Since we were all sleeping, I did let Keaton sleep 3 hours instead of her normal 2 hours so she is still going strong upstairs!
  • Robby made chili for supper which was quite yummy.   Then the kids helped pick up the toy room and were rewarded with ice cream truck!  They all ate up their ice cream and then went upstairs to play.  
  • While they were upstairs, I went to the bathroom.  One of my irrational fears in life is being blown away in a tornado while using the restroom and people finding me miles away with my pants around my ankles (same fear about using the bathroom on a plane-crazy, I know).  Well, what do you guess I heard while I was sitting there-yep, those tornado sirens.  I quickly finished my business and started getting the kids downstairs.
  • We pretty quickly knew that the storm wasn't too close to us but I went ahead a ushered everyone into the closet.  We started reading a book of ours and what else do you do when you are sitting in a closet full of food-we started eating.  I knew that the storm wasn't close to us but I kept reading our book until we finished.  Then I asked Robby if it was clear to come out-he was quietly and happily laying on the couch.  I think he was enjoying his alone time and that he would have let all of us stay in that closet all night.  
  • After the storm passed, we watched a Shark Tank and then it was time for bed.  My kids were pretty tired (except for Keaton) so hopefully everyone will sleep well-without any storms.

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