April 25, 2014

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"Why are you upside down?"

  • Robby was running this morning and the kids found him as he was finishing up.  They again were up a bit earlier than I would have liked but that was fine because we have one last day of school this week.   Even though everyone was up early, the girls hung out in my bed for a while and the boys worked on their legos for awhile (I am guessing they did their legos because that was the majority of what was in the toy room floor tonight.)
  • Breakfast this morning was "mom's choice" by the menu but I wasn't feeling that great this morning (or most of the day-had a bit of tummy issues going on.  Yes, seriously, praying that no one else gets it tomorrow or Sunday) so "mom's choice" turned into "just eat whatever you want."  
  • We did our school and the kids were perfect.  Oddly perfect-well, I did have to get on to the boys first this morning but that often helps them get started on the right foot.  Everyone was finished by 11 so we had plenty of time to read our science and other fun things.  Today I learned that Christopher Columbus was so worried that his ship was going to sink while sailing back to Portugal that he wrote a letter about his voyage and discoveries and put it in a barrel and threw it overboard.  I don't know why but I found that so interesting.
  • After our reading, we woke up Whitman.  He was so happy to see us come upstairs and my Keaton just talked and talked to Whitman telling about what all that he had missed during his nap.  Graham had been begging me to have lunch outside so I certainly served their food on the patio.  The weather was perfect-like I could have curled up and taken a nap outside.  But instead we played a game of kickball.  We played until I was pretty exhausted-poor Reagan was having to do everything since I was pretty worthless due to my tummy issues!
  • At 2, we all headed back inside.  I don't know if I was being lazy and didn't want to take Keaton up the stairs for her nap so I let her watch a movie with the others.  I folded the laundry and then I snuggled up with Keaton and we both went to sleep.  Campbell then woke me up to ask if she could sleep by me so I scooted over and we both fell asleep again.  The next thing I knew the boys were asking to go outside.  Campbell quickly woke up and headed out and Keaton, Reagan and I were still snoozing in my floor.  
  • Soon Robby was home and he went outside to work in the yard some.  I worked a bit in the house and then headed outside.  Whitman enjoyed the wagon some and happily watched us rake some leaves.  The kids busied themselves with bike riding, dodgeball, water guns, their own kickball game, swinging and even a bit of yard work.  
  • Oh there was a lot of time watching Campbell's new turtle that Robby found.  I enjoyed watching Campbell shoot her turtle with her water gun saying that she was giving him a shower and then she carefully dried him off.  That poor turtle didn't emerge from his shell for about an hour and then he crawled as fast as he could away from the kids-luckily we caught him and he is now spending the night in the garage.
  • After Robby finished his leaf picking up, he rewarded the kids with a kickball game.  We have taken over the vacant lot behind the house as our own kick ball field (I will be so sad when someone buys that lot and puts their mobile home on it)  Anyway, I watched the action while keeping an eye on Whitman and the turtle.  
  • After the game, everyone came in for showers and then it was time for bed!  My crew was exhausted after a busy day of outside playing and tomorrow is a busy day as well-soccer and choir practice.

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