April 3, 2014

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Testing out new hair styles!

  • Well, well, I will start off with our illness update...all good today.  The gallon of pepto and the billions of cells of probiotics that the boys were given must have done the trick.  And since they could keep food in their bodies for a bit longer, they were feeling great.  I guess this is the first day in a week and a half that all of us have felt good.  When I did wake Whitman up this morning, he sneezed twice on me and I feared that he was getting a whole other round of sickness to spread around but it was just a few sneezes and not anything else.
  • We were all dragging this morning, I had to rush around to get Campbell and Keaton ready to ride to school.  Campbell was the first one up and she asked where Robby was.  I just assumed that he was upstairs running so I sent her on a wild goose chase all over the house until I finally heard him in the bathroom.  
  • Robby and Keaton dropped Campbell off at school (Keaton is used to this and sometimes even says that Ms. Hannah is her teacher too)  The rest of us started school around here-my boys were feeling good but both of them did their math so very slowly today.  Confirmed my decision that we are going to do math each and every day this summer on the computer-we need to firm up all of our math facts.
  • Keaton and Robby came home while we pressed on with our school.  Whitman is so good during school and will play happily in his pack n play while we do our school nearby-he throws his toys out of the bed and we throw them back in.
  • We had ourselves lunch and then started on our daily cleaning-laundry, straightening, dishes and cleaning the kitchen.  Seriously, I have grown to love our 20 minutes of cleaning every day after lunch.  The kids do pretty good work and we can get this house decent in no time at all.
  • Soon Nonna and Pops brought Campbell back home.  She had a good day at school but was ready to see her brothers and sisters.  And that girl was thrilled to join them during movie time-on Thursdays she has the first pick and that is very, very big.  And what was even more exciting was that smoothies were for snack-it is the little things around here.
  • This evening, Campbell, Reagan and I went to Ms. Paige's shower at church.  Keaton really wanted to go to the shower with us but we told her that she could have a peppermint and a shower at home and that seemed to appease her.  Instead she did have a bath.  
  • Reagan of course was a perfect lady during the shower and Campbell tried her best.  We still need lessons on getting food properly-not using fingers but I was pretty on top of her so hopefully we left no Dennie germs!
  • The boys and Keaton had supper at home and then they started watching Let's Make a Deal.  We made it home just as they started and then we all chilled a bit watching the show until bedtime. 

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