April 28, 2014

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Our Soccer Superstars!

  • Another morning around here the same as usual-Robby running. kids up early, game of kickball in their bedroom.  We poured up breakfast and the kids started to work on their school work.  The boys started working in the kitchen and that was pretty nice-I could shhhush them as I fed Whitman and then cleaned up the breakfast mess.
  • School went very well today.  Campbell worked on her reading book and that child almost drove me crazy.  Her story was "see me eat."  She read it but then I just wanted her to repeat it-I guess we need to work on repeating because that girl couldn't repeat those 3 words to save her soul.  Every single time she would say "see meat eat."  This is about the 12th lesson and it is already party hard for her so we are going to start doing each lesson twice before moving on...and working on her repeating skills.
  • Anderson finished his school first and Reagan was the last one but she did play a long while with the little girls and their play doh.  They just love play doh-love it.  I have grown accustomed to the play doh mess and embrace it now since it leads to quiet (er) time.
  • We were able to read some before lunch and then it was lunch time.  My Whitman can eat more than some of my big kids.  Today he ate a whole sandwich (including the crust), half of a hot dog and then cried when I didn't get him cheetos when the kids had another handful.  So I broke him up some tiny pieces of them and he was as happy as he could be.  
  • After lunch, we all picked up the house and then the kids had some free time.  Whitman followed me around the house and even played a bit before he was again tired.  I tried to keep him up until at least 2 but that boy was exhausted!  So back to bed he went (though I don't think that he ever went to sleep-he just talked and sang and made a racket)
  • Keaton still loves taking her afternoon nap but only because she gets a big ole cup of milk when she goes down for a nap.  The kids watched their movie and soon Reagan was upstairs asking if they could go outside.  I said yes not realizing that getting clothes on would involve waking up Keaton.  So off the treadmill I came to get her out of bed and send her out.  
  • The kids played basketball some but mostly they just squabbled over not passing, who was in and who was out and the score.  Soon Robby was home with supper so we all headed inside for a quick bite to eat before soccer.
  • This was the first practice in weeks that the kids had actually had and this was picture day so that took most of their time.  All my kids did get to practice with Anderson's team during their practice.  They were rough but all of them-even Campbell-kept up with the team and worked hard.  Once we made it home, the kids all had showers and then it was time for bed around here.

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