April 18, 2014

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Sonic Treat with the Kamps!

  • This morning when the kids were waking up, I wasn't sure what day it was.  At first I thought it was Saturday but then I realized that Saturday wasn't any good because that is early soccer morning.  Then I started hoping that it was Sunday because we have a bit longer at home but then I realized it was Friday.  My grogginess was due to Whitman waking up at 1-he needed a clean diaper and Robby waking me up to tell me that it was raining.  He knows I love weather reports!  Ha, no he was disappointed because he was going to work in the yard today and thought the rain was going to mess up his plans (it did not.)
  • My kids though did wake up before 7 and Robby had already ran so he made them breakfast.  And it was a pretty good breakfast-leftover cake from last night, bacon, biscuits and fruit.  While it was cooking they started on school and then they ate and ate and ate.  
  • Today was a big day for my crew-Noah was coming over here and Keaton and Campbell were going to Lilly and Eden's house.  But first was school and since they had already completed phonics and math they were moving quickly.  
  • Soon we met Sara and had a kid swap.  I wasn't too sure how Keaton would do but she hoped out of my van and then walked to me and said "help me in the car, Mommy."  So I put her in the car and off they went.  Those 4 girls had a blast all day-there was painting, tv watching and even many, many Easter egg hunts.  Campbell did get a bit put out with Sara because she had no coke or juice or lemonade to drink-only water!  
  • At our house as soon as I pulled into the driveway and let the kids out of the car, they started the first of many kickball games.  They rode bikes and scooters and soon it was lunch time.  I had told them that after lunch they could play with the water guns so that was a highlight. 
  • Whitman had lunch with the big kids while in his highchair and then he sat in his wagon while watching Robby and I work.  And when I say "sat in his wagon" I don't really mean it-that child can wiggle out of his seatbelt like houdini.  At one point, he stood up on his wagon seat-we were watching him but too far to run and try to stop the inevitable fall.  He was lucky that he just fell in the wagon and not out of it.  
  • Robby spent all day long in the yard-raking, mowing, burning and blowing.  The entire bottom section of the yard looks great.  The only thing left down there would be too clean up the fence row but you just have to save something for next year!
  • I enjoyed watching Reagan play today.  She usually plays everything with the boys but when we added one more boy, she would play with them a bunch but occasionally she would not play with them-almost like she had had her fill of boys for a while.  
  • After lunch the kids played more outside and even had a tractor ride before going in.  They then watched a two movies and had smoothies for a snack.  I came in to clean the house some and while I was on the phone, I saw a huge turtle walking across the yard.  So I wrote a note and handed it to Anderson.  As he read the note, I was standing chatting on the phone pointing out of the window.  That child kept trying to read "bug turnle"-I must have been in a hurry as I wrote it.  Eventually they figured it out and all ran outside to catch the turtle.  Of course when they ran back through the house with their shoes on, I had to resweep the kitchen that I had just swept!  So much for cleaning!
  • Soon it was time to meet up and kid swap again.  Robby owed the Kamps ice cream so we met at the new sonic so we could eat and play.  The kids were more interested in the playground but they did manage to take a few minutes to slurp down their ice cream.
  • After dessert, we went out for supper.  Robby had a shop so it was Corkys for supper.  The kids were all exhausted and full from their sonic drinks so they ate practically nothing but that was fine since we expected that and boxed it up to put in our over stuffed fridge. 
  • We did have to make one more stop on the way home-gas!  Our poor van was completely out of gas-well, we did have 7 more miles to go before running completely out-we just like to live on the edge!  We probably could have made it home without that gas stop.  By the time we did make it home, we had 3 kiddos asleep and and 5 that needed showers.  
  • Everyone woke up well and quickly showered.  Graham was coughing quite a bit so he is sleeping in our room.  Hopefully, all of the meds I gave him will help him sleep and help him feel better in the morning-lots of soccer happening tomorrow!

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