April 26, 2014

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Game Day!

  • Just one quick call over the monitor this morning and the patter of feet were quickly heard upstairs pattering down the hall, sliding down the steps and then running down my hall.  My kids love soccer day and in no time at all they had their uniforms on and were ready to eat breakfast.
  • I helped with hair before breakfast and then Robby served up cinnamon rolls.  He thought about putting bacon in the cinnamon rolls like we read about last night but decided that didn't sound too tasty at all.
  • Before long the van backed out of the garage and my crew was on their way for soccer-without me and Whitman.  My tummy troubles were continuing so I stayed at home-I certainly hated to miss seeing the games and Whitman hated to see everyone else go.  We did laundry, more laundry and even more laundry this morning.  Whitman spent his time unfolding my laundry and looking for all of his brothers and sisters.  I do think that he enjoyed our together time and when he took his morning nap-so did I.
  • Back to Raymar...Graham and Campbell's game was first and they did very good.  I asked Campbell how many times she kicked the ball and she said "maybe a thousand or maybe 3, I don't know ask Daddy."  Either way, Robby said that her and Graham both did really well and won by at least 9 points.
  • Anderson was up next and he scored a point today which makes this Momma very happy-especially since he told me when they pulled in that he scored the point for me.  Then it was Reagan's ball game.  She had told me last night that she was going to score all of the points in her game.  And she was very close-that girl scored five points (one was not counted since she was in the circle) but that was awesome.  Last week was her first goal and then this week she was on fire!
  • After the game, the kids went to Nonna and Pops house for a bit while Robby met Grannymom and Grandpa for lunch.  They all changed clothes and then went outside to play for a bit.  They had a blast playing and eating lunch and were exhausted when they came home.
  • They may have been exhausted but everyone but Anderson went right back outside.  He had watching a movie on his mind so he showered while the others played a kick ball game with Robby.  Then the others trickled in for their showers.  They all watched a bit of a movie and had a snack before heading out again...without me again.
  • Reagan and Anderson went to church to rehearse for their musical tomorrow and everyone else went to Chick Fil A for a bit.  Then Graham had to be at church for his run through the musical and everyone went in to watch this time.  
  • When the crew made it home, they were all tired and hungry.  So we had another quick snack and then it was bedtime for the crew-tomorrow is a big day too-church, party, choir, presentation.

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