April 15, 2014

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Super -WHIT- man

  • This was Campbell's school day and she was pretty excited to put on her clothes because she had found a new shirt to wear today-of course, it was a short sleeve shirt so we had to add a long sleeve shirt underneath but she was still pleased with this.
  • We were moving along well enough that she was even able to eat her breakfast at home-yogurt and toast.  Some days my kids will not touch yogurt and others they eat it like crazy and today was one of those days.  After 3 bowls full I had to cut them off.  
  • We all waved bye to Campbell and then started our morning.  The kids started on school and we did have one meltdown today-Graham's not mine.  He holds his pencil wrong so I had him put on this little doohickey that makes him hold his pencil correctly and he was none too pleased about that.  I told him that he could stop using that when he could show his Dad that he could hold his pencil correctly.  That boys handwriting is awful but he is a boy, he is young and he is left handed so that is probably 3 strikes against him.  
  • It is kind of funny because I feel like school is going pretty smoothly lately (apart from today's meltdown) and we are nearing the end of the school year.  Hmm, maybe we will start doing school year around.  Just yesterday, Anderson said "I love summer because we get 3 weeks off of school-3 whole weeks."  I am not too sure where his 3 weeks came from but maybe we should only take 3 weeks off.  
  • We finished in time for Reagan and I to start on the clothes switch over.  We went through the last 4 bins of clothes that might fit her and Campbell.  And from those we ended up with 2 bins that don't even fit this year.  And you would not believe the dresses that we found for Campbell-dress after dress after dress.  She wasn't there so I don't know how many will fit her.  Oh yes, we didn't finish those clothes today maybe tomorrow (though my goal is by the end of the week)
  • Soon it was lunch time and we ate and then worked some more on the clothes.  Whitman was able to help us the last hour of our work.  He loved trying to pull things out of my bins just as fast as I could put them in.  He was also put inside of the bins, put underneath the bins and crawled over the lids.  After all of this activity, that child was ready for his afternoon nap a bit early today.
  • Before nap, Campbell came home.  She had a good afternoon playing with Nonna.  She even came home with a long strip of paper that said "Go to Disneyland on a motorcycle and car."  We have no idea what that means.  Our best guess is that it is what you wanted to do this summer.  She did say that she wanted her Daddy to drive the motorcycle and she would ride with him and I would follow in the white van.  
  • The kids watched their movie and then we read some of Campbell's book before Robby came home.  We had hot dogs for supper and my boys were still hungry-Anderson had 1 and a half.  He wanted more but we said that was plenty.  
  • After supper they went upstairs to play and were so happy playing that we left them alone.  Finally, we called them down to do tonight's resurrection eggs.  And after that, we even had an Easter themed scavenger hunt.  And to top things off, Robby even suggested ice cream and sprinkles for a snack.  Seriously, my kids could not have had a better night!

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