April 21, 2014

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Candy consolidation night...

  • Before 7 and the kids were up this morning.  Most of them just walked through my room and ended up watching Robby finish his run.  Keaton was one of the ones in my room and she volunteered to go potty so I jumped up for that and then Whitman was already awake so she helped me get him up.  After that, Keaton and Whitman helped me get the house ready this morning-opening blinds, putting toothpaste on the toothbrushes and making (kind of) my bed.
  • Soon Robby's run was over and the kids migrated downstairs.  Keaton and I had pulled out eggs, fruit and cereal.  The kids (most of them-can't please everyone all of the time) were excited about the grub and they started to eat.  
  • Robby left for work and we all waved goodbye-waving goodbye consist of everyone out on the porch screaming "bye" and "love you."  You would think that he is going away for a week!  Then we came inside and started school.
  • Today was oddly calm as far as school goes.  Kind of strangeish-Campbell and Keaton even played upstairs for a while happily.  The boys moved a bit slowly this morning finishing their phonics and math.  I feel like they should just be able to get it done-not look around the room, pick up Whitman, sharpen pencil after pencil and anything else they can think of to avoid their work.  
  • Soon though everyone was almost finished with school and we read a bit a science-we just have one more chapter in our little science book.  That little book is probably a high school or college level (seriously) book and the goal is to just expose the kids to things-I do wish that they would have picked up on more of it.  I don't really know what we could have done differently though-slowed down, had less distractions (Campbell, Keaton and Whitman), more hands on projects, a lab book-I don't know but I hope they retained more than I think.  
  • Lunch was ham and cheese croissants-the kids absolute favorite meal.  I read a few stories while they ate and then it was time for our chores.  There wasn't too much to do so we quickly moved on to changing out the big girls clothes-yes, I am still working on that.  We only had about an hour today to work but we were able to completely finish except for the clean up part (moving 5 tubs back to the attic which I did manage to fit in before supper)
  • Then it was rest/movie/treadmill time-oh and snack time too.  Today's snack was edamame and apples.  Campbell who usually loves that snack came upstairs asking if she could have something else.  I told her that she could get an orange so she did and came back up for me to peel it-ever peeled an orange while running on the treadmill? I have!
  • Soccer practice was still in limbo because of the impending rain but finally we did get the note saying that it was cancelled.  So we put up the jerseys and started on supper.  While Robby finished supper, the kids practiced their oral reports-Campbell has practiced hers and can do pretty good so hopefully she will do it when the others folks are here.  
  • We ate supper and the kids played a round of kickball upstairs-yes, I said kickball.  They seemed to be obsessed with it lately and I figure the light fixture is the only thing they can break in their room and a few minutes of peace and quiet downstairs is worth that chance.
  • Then we called everyone down to combine and sort out their old candy along with their new Easter candy.  We put their money up and threw out yucky candy and generally just tidied up a bit.  Then the highlight was getting to eat some of that candy while watching Shark Tank....another good day here at the Dennie house. 

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