April 1, 2014

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Mom served up "brown e's" for supper! April Fool's!

  • Last week when I had sick kids in the middle of the night it was a bit comical even though there were 4 sick kids, but last night with only 2 sick kids I found no humor in it at all.  My poor Keaton was the sickest-pretty bright little kid-when I came upstairs because she was fussing, she told me that she was going to spit.  And that she did, over and over and over again most of the night long.
  • Around 5, poor Graham joined us.  He just can't seem to shake his tummy bug.  Now, he does have a bit of sympathy sickness along with his real sickness.  We were able to sleep a bit so for that I was thankful.  
  • Keaton was still sick this morning and just as soon as she was sick, she was asking for breakfast.  I held fast to no milk for anyone today (not until all of this business is completely cleared up) but I did give her breakfast.  I tried to get her to stay on a blanket next to Graham on his blanket.  But by now, my Keaton was all better begging for more food.  I set the timer about an hour later and fed her some more.
  • Graham was fine today but him and his brother continue with some tummy issues.  Actually both boys acted pretty puny this morning but soon they perked up and you should have seen them running playing soccer and basketball this afternoon.  I still put Graham in my room tonight but I feel that he will sleep very well tonight.  But enough about all of that.
  • Campbell went to school today and she even suffered an injury at school-she fell and bumped her knee.  I asked if she cried and she said yes.  Then I asked if Ms. Hannah gave her a big hug and Campbell said "no, she gave me a kiss and I didn't like it."  Thankfully though Campbell was soon back to normal but was pretty proud to show off her injury report to us.
  • Nonna was kind enough to pick Campbell up for me.  That was a huge help and I am very grateful.  By lunch, all of my Dennies had finished their school and even ate a pretty normal lunch.  Campbell ate at Nonna's house and then she came back and was happy to be home and tell us all about her day.
  • The kids watched movies this afternoon while Reagan made more bracelets.  I really don't know what she is going to do with all of those bracelets-she could supply all of the women in Little Rock with bracelets.  
  • After rest time which I partook in today-this staying up all hours of the night has caught up to me, we all headed outside for a game of basketball and then a game of soccer.  Robby made it home and supervised a game of cat while I worked on supper.
  • The kids had baths and then we had supper.  I had a pan of brownies for the kids April Fools prank-brown letter Es cut out of construction paper.  I did later make brownies for them to eat.  And Anderson had borrowed a can of nuts that had a snack pop out of it to scare Robby.  The kids were pretty pleased with their April fools prank.
  • We then watched a short movie and finally it was bedtime for us all-wish us all luck! 

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