April 5, 2014-Happy 1st Birthday Whitman!

Celebrating Year One!
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(added new pictures from last Sunday's birthday celebration at Nonna's for Whitman, click here)
  • We could hear the kids upstairs before 7-no one got out of bed but I could tell they were pretty excited and anxiously waiting for the clock to strike 7.  Robby beat them to it and called to them over the monitor and asked them to come downstairs.
  • They were down like a flash and had some of our leftover doughnuts for breakfast before putting on their uniforms.  All of the uniforms were laid out and soon everyone was dressed, I was doing hair and we were almost out the door.  The kids were loaded up way before Robby and I got everything together.  Even though everything was by the door, we still kept remembering things we needed.  We still made it to the soccer field in plenty of time.
  • And once we made it, we were surprised to find that it seemed much chillier there than in our driveway.  Seriously, it was down right cold out there-we managed though and the kids really enjoyed and needed to go to the grandparents cars in between the games to warm up. 
  • Our first soccer game was at 8:30 with Campbell and Graham playing.  Today was Campbell's first soccer game-she has been wanting to play for years now and this was also the first time that she was able to legitimately run through the tunnel.   And wow!  My Graham scored 2 or 3 goals and was on fire out there.  And my Campbell did pretty good too.  She ran after the ball, she kicked the ball and even blocked it a few times.  We could not have been prouder of those two.
  • The next game was Anderson's game at 10:00.  His team smoked the other team-almost unfairly!  Last year Robby coached Reagan's team and they never won a game so he was delighted that this years team won a game!  Anderson scored 2 goals (not that we would be keeping score at all) and he almost made 2 more goals.  
  • Then we had Reagan's game at 11:30.  And my Reagan's team also won!  There game was a bit closer than the other games.  Reagan did excellent and ran after the ball and was not nearly as stand offish as she was last year.  I am sure that she will be scoring a few goals as well.  
  • When we made it home after the games, we were pretty frozen solid.  The kids had showers and we were able to turn around and leave in about an hour.  We quickly ran to Kroger so I could pick up some cokes while Robby bought gas and then we celebrated Haley's birthday at her house.
  • The just showered kids ran, climbed and rolled in the grass and had a blast.  There was cake and ice cream and my kids were exhausted on the car ride home.  We put the birthday boy and Keaton down for a nap and the others watched tv for a bit.  
  • At 6, Whitman's party started.  Grannymom, Grandpa, Dana, Lilly, Cash, Jason, Nonna and Pops were all there and we started with supper-hot dogs, chili, cheese dip and beans.  We might have just been really hungry but the supper was really delicious.   And when we were finished, we  (mainly Robby) had the kitchen cleaned in a jiffy-that is the kind of party food to have-easy and easy to clean up.
  • Whitman then opened his presents.  And he did really well at it-almost like he has done it before.  He sat up on the fire place and humored all of the little hands that were thrusting presents in his face.  Whitman would tear the paper and throw it on the floor as we clapped for him.  He did rack up with loot-3 pairs of shoes, socks, legos, toys, diapers and wipes.  A perfect amount of presents and all will be put to good use.  He was most delighted with the box that his legos came in-he liked putting the legos in and out of the box. 
  • After that, it was cake time.  Whitman didn't get a smash cake as many one year olds get-my boy has been eating cake for months now.  He prefers his cakes nicely cut so he can smear them all of his face and hands.  I forgot to give him one of our cookies that we worked so hard on yesterday-he would probably want for me to get up and go get one for myself right now.  
  • The kids loved playing with Lilly and Cash but when everyone left, my crew was exhausted-wish tomorrow was Saturday!  The kids were all asleep pretty quickly-except for Keaton who needed socks and she had a few fake coughs.  
  • Last night, Anderson said "this is a pretty great life" and I certainly agree with him!

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